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Meet Reggae Singer HOSNY BRONX

International artist HOSNY BRONX is a singer, composer and author. His first album, “Radical Fighters”, launched the Reggae movement in France, after making it to the top of the charts in both France and England. He then recorded his second album "Unité Universelle" (Nocturne / Label I Sound) and his third album “Rasta Rebel” (Nocturne / Label I Sound) between Kingston, Jamaica and Paris with the Wailers.

Hosny Bronx is currently completing his fifth studio album,mixed and mastered between Kingston, Jamaica, New York City and Paris, for which he plays all the instruments, and has collaborated with Grammy-nominated producer Daniel Boyle of London and with Errol Brown, Bob Marley’s engineer.​

The confirmed artist has performed in concerts and festivals in France, Europe and Africa. His release, “New Moment” is one of 6 new tracks slated for international promotion.

Find out all you need to know about the new artist called Hosny at

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