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Remain Fashionable While You Travel

The vacation period is here and just like every other woman, I am sure you also struggle with prioritizing the items that you should take on your holidays. The easiest way is to identify and pack items that you might not easily accessible while on vacation. In my case of being a plus size, quality plus-size denim, swimsuits, and dresses are best found online, so make sure to bring those items with you. Side note: It's important to pack a bathing suit no matter where you're headed. A hotel pool, hot spring, hot tub, or creek could pop up anywhere you go. I LIVE by that swimsuit norm.

As a size 16-18 woman, clothing options become sparse as I wander further away from my safety net of in-store and online retailers that carry my size. Before you take that leap and decide to chance the fate of finding an above size 14 bathing suit while on your vacation (and a cute one, at that), here are some helpful packing cues. I have compiled a few tips that are very helpful and effective when traveling:

Start with the right choice of suitcase

Plus-size clothing are by default, most tis larger. This means that your purchase of a quality suitcase, is an investment. My grandmother often said, “you recognize the type of traveler by the suitcase that he / she carries”! Even with a perfectly packing and folding technique, your suitcase must be able to accommodate your demands and loads.

Away suitcases are a perfect example of what the modern traveler of today can be spoiled with. And for the plus-size traveler a true definition of MAGIC!. The carry-on model is sufficient for a four to seven day adventure as it's decked out with a hard shell case weighing in at seven pounds, two compartments, a compression pad that doubles as a nylon laundry bag, and built-in battery for all your USB devices. It's the full package wrapped in a travel-friendly, scratch-resistant capsule.

Travel Comfortably

Traveling has become quite a fast pace routine. Due to enhanced security policies since 9/11 it makes no sense for you to wear nothing too complicated. If you can make a pair of sweatpants trendy and fashion forward, then that is exactly what I will be wearing with some Old Navy flip flops (it is not likely that I would be traveling to cold destinations).

Try To Transition Your Outfits From Day 2 Night

Decide on pieces that can easily be dressed up with the right accessories. Do yourself a favor and pack Universal Standard's Wheaton Sweater Dress — it's going to make your life a whole lot easier. "The Wheaton is a perfect travel companion because it is three garments in one: it's a dress, a tunic, and a sweater depending on how you choose to wear it," says Universal Standard's co-founder and creative director Alex Waldman.

This triple-threat can compliment a pair of skinny jeans, get tucked into a skirt or paired with tights, be layered under a leather jacket, or be worn as is with a nice pair of loafers. Also, the Geneva Standard Dress is available online at Coverstory and is as comfortable as it is sharp. It's a sound choice if you're not entirely sure where the vacation may take you, as it can be dressed up, down, layered, or even slept in.

Do Not Over Pack Your Accessories

Now I am a lover of dramatic looks, this particularly is very challenging for me! What I started to do as of late is walk with basic pieces and purchase dramatic looks at my destination. Do not — I repeat: do not — bring brand new shoes on your trip with you. I know they look amazing and you really want to show them off on this trip, do yourself a major favor and bring shoes you know and love and that give you a level of comfort.

Find Your Technique

Way too often we are stressed out about being overweight at the airport. We second guess ourselves about all the unnecessary stuff that we may have packed but are not willing to risk leaving it behind. Should I fold or roll my clothes?? Does it really matter?? You are supposed to start your vacation with positive note, and that has nothing to do with being plus size. Find what works for you and work with is never that serious!!


By: Kenty A.Lichtenberg


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