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In June Shenika Adams was crowned the Face of Grenada 2017 emerging from a field of 6 beauties. Along with the title also walked away with additional wins – Best Iconic Woman's Wear, Best Upcycled Wear, Best Swimwear, Best Unconventional Wear and Best Evening Wear

She was also selected as the nation’s choice, winning the Digicel’s Public Choice Award.

Shenika has always had a passion for modelling and chose to participate in FOG as it allows her to explore that passion and to advocate to her platform, “Breaking the Barriers for Women in Architecture”.

CEM got the chance to speak The Face of Grenada (FOG) winner who is also our August Cover Girl

How does it feel to win the Face of Grenada? Has the feeling sunk in yet?

It feels awesome! This is something I’ve always dreamed of accomplishing since season 1 of the competition. I’ve also finally proven to myself that it is in fact, possible to accomplish anything you’ve set out to do.

It is sinking in as time passes by. Sometimes I actually forget that I am the Face of Grenada 2017.

What was the first thought that came to your mind when they announced your name as the winner?

My first thought was “OH MY GOD…. Shenika, you did it!”

Did you expect that win?

I did not expect that win. However, I know that I have been working really hard and that I was prepared enough and had no option but to give off my best on the night of show. It was important for me to prove to myself that I can do this.

What motivated you to participate in FOG?

I always had an interest in modelling. After seeing a past student of my high school becoming the first ever Face of Grenada, I was motivated to take part in the competition. It was a huge step for me, however I reminded myself that if I thought about it too much then I would end up second guessing my participation and as a result I just jumped for the opportunity.

How did you prepare for FOG?

I prepared myself by being present and on time for all rehearsals and photoshoots. I made it necessary to put myself out early enough so I can get the sponsorship that I needed to aid my participation in the show. In addition, I ensured that all my designs would be unique. I always sought critique in almost everything I did and made it my duty to learn from my mistakes as I saw this experience as one that would help my development. Most importantly, I always prayed about this because I think that God alone truly understood exactly what I was going through at that time.


Full Interview available in our current Issue

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