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FORMER STRIPER TURNS DEEJAY RAGE~QB Fling it Up New Dancehall Fat Friday Riddim

Red hot rookie dancehall artiste Rage QB has started to ruffle feathers. Since the release of her new song, 'Fling It Up', haters have begun to pop up on her Instagram account and in the comments sections of her songs on, making allegations that she use to be a stripper at a posh, well-known gentlemen's club uptown. reach out to the big boss himself Platinum Camp Records CEO and Producer of the hit Fat Friday Riddim Daddy Biggswho saw her potential and decided to give her a shot.

"I believe that she is mad talented, and I know that it is just some haters who are leading this online campaign against her character, but I am not perturbed. Everybody has got a past, it is up to you the individual to forge a new future for one self, and I am not someone who like to judge people, everybody got skeletons in their closets. Hell some of the people who are talking got whole cemeteries in their closet," he said.

This saucy rhyme-spitter has released a new single, 'Fling It Up', recorded for the US-based indie powerhouse, Platinum Camp Records, which since its August 19th release, has been blowing up all over social media, generating thousands of views.

"The response has been incredible, I have been getting a lot of response on my social media accounts, I don't care what the haters are saying, I worked hard to make my money to support myself and now that I am doing well in show business, I care zero what anyone wants to say," she said.

The song samples Lady Saw's 'Hice It Up' on the Cloak and Dagger riddim.

The artiste whose name is Cerine Gordon was born in St Thomas. She is a past student of the St. Thomas Technical high school where she dropped out at the last year of her academic career because of personal issues. As a teen, she had always loved the limelight and dreamed of entering the world of show business.

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