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Interview with Miss Jamaica Supranational 2017, Nicole Stoddart

Nicole Stoddart is a model, hospitality expert, and entrepreneur. She serves as a Jamaican Ambassador for the international non-profit Shashamane Sunrise.

Coming from a small rural community near Montego Bay, Jamaica, Nicole has devoted a significant part of her life to charitable and philanthropic endeavors. Having overcome many obstacles in her life including attempted rape she has given her time to causes that include advocacy against violence towards women and children. Through her pageant coaching company, The Crown Consultancy, Nicole donates 5% of her profits to charitable causes.

Nicole will be representing Jamaica at the Miss Supranational Pagent in Poland in December. I can't wait to meet my poland family and to feel at home when I get there.

Get to know the beautiful Nicole.........

Tell us about yourself?

Nicole Stoddart is a philanthropist, humanitarian, model, pageant coach, hospitality expert an entrepreneur. She serves as a Jamaican Ambassador for the international non-profit Shashamane Sunrise.

How does it feel to be representing your country?

It's always an honor to be able to represent my country at the highest level. I mean, what more can I ask for, it makes me feel really good, and my dream is now becoming a reality.

What are you most looking forward to in Poland?

I'm looking forward to meeting all the contestants, the people, the food and also learning polish.

How can you make an impact with this title?

I can make an impact with this title because I've overcome so much adversity that helps me to relate to other girls like myself. I've already made various contacts that would help to shed light to this organization internationally and globally.

Who is the most influential person in your life?

The most influential person in my life is my dear friend Geoffrey fullerton. He is a man of positivity, ethics, and action and because of those qualities, he inspires me on a daily basis and he don't even know it.

If you had to live your life over again, what part of it would you change?

I would not change anything. I am Nicole Stoddart because of what I've been through, changing any part of my life automatically changes my definition as a person. I've accepted, acknowledge, and now embracing who I am.

What is your favourite colour?

My favorite color is white because it makes me look so pure and like an angel.

What is your favourite meal?

If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be soup. I love soup, whether it's pumpkin, red peas, or even ramen noodle.

Three words that best describes you?

Three words that describes me are: positive, optimistic, and happy.

How would you sell Jamaica to the World?

I would say come to Jamaica and learn how we influenced the global civil rights movement, experience our rich and diverse culture, and most importantly the warmth and friendliness of our people.

What kind of support are you expecting from the Jamaican public?

I believe that I've introduced this pageant to Jamaicans and so far they've accepted it and I'm getting really great feedback. Jamaica has never won this crown so it's going to be an exciting ride for my people so I'm expecting a lot of support.

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