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Miss Caribbean UK 2017 Announces the New Reigning Queen: Elizabeth Williams Wins the Pageant Twice w

London, November 2017 – Miss Elizabeth Williams is the new queen of the Caribbean in the UK. The Grenadian beauty was announced as the new winner of Miss Caribbean UK 2017 at the luxurious Broadway Theatre in South East London iin a night of glamour, glitz and incredible performances.

Elizabeth dazzled the judges with her beauty, charm, grace and eloquence discussing the impact that she wants to make in region and across the Diaspora. In her new role as ambassador of the Caribbean, she will speak on the issues affecting the region and how the Diaspora, governments, private businesses, organisations and other stakeholders can come together to bring solutions and foster opportunities for the next generations. AgyeFrance Design has dressed the Caribbean beauty with an amazing, dramatic creation that won her the accolade for best dress.

Mr. Francis, CEO of AgyeFrance Design says: “I feel so privileged to be part of the Miss Caribbean UK family. This is my fourth year and I have enjoyed every bit of it. Working with Elizabeth has been a pleasure because we have endeavoured to showcase the best of the rich Caribbean culture through my creations. I am so proud to work with the new reigning queen of Miss Caribbean UK to represent the region across the world and positively promote the Caribbean”.

Miss Caribbean United Kingdom was set up as an event to promote all the different Caribbean countries under one umbrella. The event uses a pageant to promote, educate, inspire and celebrate the historical and cultural impact of the Caribbean within the United Kingdom and the entire Diaspora.

The event and the winner will work together to assist in bringing the Caribbean and its diaspora within the UK and the world closer. They want the old and younger generation Caribbean descendants to recognise the influence and impact that the Caribbean fashion and culture has had on the world culture and thus, appreciate the importance of retaining the link with their Caribbean heritage.

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