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New High Heel Accessory Aims to Disrupt Footwear Industry - Announcing National Launch of Kickstands

Minneapolis, MN - December 8, 2017 – New fashion start-up Kickstands™ has launched with a collection of reversible high heel straps, which add both style and stability to virtually any high heel. Over a dozen different styles of the breakthrough accessory are now available exclusively at The brand is focused on helping women everywhere reclaim their love for heels.

Founder and CEO, Michelle Johnson, is the visionary entrepreneur behind Kickstands, a product in development and testing for over five years. A successful corporate consultant by day, Johnson saw a need for a product that would prevent her heels from slipping while traveling for work and chasing connections at airports across North America.

“It started as a very simple idea,” explained Johnson. “I needed to get from point A to point B without tripping, but I simply couldn't find the right product.” But, after being inspired to create her initial prototypes, she quickly realized that the heel straps were not only functional, but also had the ability to add style and versatility to a woman's shoe collection – not to mention, disrupt a multi-billion dollar industry along the way.

The initial collection of reversible high heel straps now features a range of patterns and colors designed to go from “purse to pumps in seconds.” A rubber eyelet on each strap allows a pump's heel to slide through, while the elastic fabric strap comfortably conforms to the foot.

All the products, available exclusively at, are 100% designed and manufactured in the U.S. The launch of the new brand in December 2017 includes the new e-commerce website, along with a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram at @kickstandsforheels.



Kickstands™ is the maker of an innovative collection of reversible high heel straps that conform to virtually any high heel. They add versatility to a women’s wardrobe while preventing the heel from slipping when on the go. Kickstands is 100% independently owned, made in the U.S. and founded by entrepreneur and CEO Michelle Johnson of St. Cloud, Minnesota. For more information, product samples for review or interview requests, visit or reach out directly.

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