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The Original BAR-B-QUE HUT…Serving T&T for over 2 decades

Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad– After 2 decades of being in operation, popular Trinbagonian food establishment “The Original BAR-B-QUE HUT” is still going strong in delivering its beloved brand of ‘Halal-friendly’ barbecued offerings to locals and visitors alike.

From its humble origins in the late 1990’s as a small venture on South Trunk Road, Bel Air, La Romaine to its current expanded location on San Fernando’s vibrant Cipero Road, The Original BAR-B-QUE HUT has always catered to the dietary needs of the Muslim community serving the very best of clean Kosher cuisine and condiments.

For the last 20 years The Original BAR-B-QUE HUT has maintained its position as a fan-favourite with both Islamic and non-Islamic markets serving BBQ Halal Chicken, Lamb, Beef Steak, Fish, Shrimp, Seasoned Fries, Soft Drinks and Desserts.

A true ‘labour of love’ by entrepreneur David Bukhal and his brothers, the famous fast-food outlet has grown from just two (20×20 tents) and five tables to major venue due to a combination of the team’s hard work, determination, love for what they do and passion for service.

Having worked in the culinary sector from boyhood in the 1980’s, David Bukhal has practiced and perfected every aspect of his business from washing wares and folding boxes, to operating deep fry machines & BBQ pits. Now in his capacity of business owner, he utilizes his abilities, industry involvement and understanding of consumer needs and market trends to deliver a first-rate service and an all-round customer experience.

Bukhal, often referred to as the ‘BBQ Monarch in South Trinidad’ stated that “Our staff is swift and efficient with our cooking, presentation & delivery and we take into consideration every possible customer need or preference. We cater to everyone and prepare our meats separately; we don’t mix steak, with lamb, or chicken or fish or shrimp for our Hindu customers (who don’t eat beef), our Pescatarian customers (who only eat fish) and also for those who may have allergies.”

The Original BAR-B-QUE HUT which presently sits on 3 acres of land with a staff of over 50 workers attracts foodies from all over T&T including local sports and entertainment personalities. Customers are often seen seated before the establishment’s official opening hours simply enjoying its rustic charm & eco-friendly decor which incorporates the authenticity of a hut within the surrounding landscape of bamboo trees and burlap.

Through cooperation, a common purpose to serve the community and a secret ingredient described by its owners as ‘blessings from the father above’ the team aspires to further expand its operations and to continue to keep it as the leading fast food outlet for Kosher food in Trinidad and Tobago.

To experience the mouthwatering, Halal-friendly Bar-B-Que selections of The Original BAR-B-QUE HUT feel free to visit them at: #85-89 Cipero Road, San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago.

For further info, please call: (868) 657-9429 or visit

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