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Machel Montano only has Brotherly Love for Blaxx, after Singer's Outburst

Machel Montano has chosen to turn the other cheek after a video of fellow artiste Blaxx, calling him the Devil began circulating on social media.

Blaxx,whose real name is Dexter Stewart, was performing at the Mawning Neighbour fete in Point Fortin when he made the comments. . In it, Blaxx can be heard saying to the crowd, “We come here for love. “F*** Machel”. Machel is the Devil, I doh fraid to talk."

It was unclear in the video why Blaxx targeted Machel, however the general manager for Blaxx and The All Stars, Ian Pantin, said Blaxx was tired and lacked better judgment.

Pantin said Blaxx had been overwhelmed following complaints of poor turnout. He also stated that Blaxx was told that Montano’s show, earlier that day, was to blame for the poor turnout, which left Blaxx feeling frustrated.

Montano performed in Point Fortin at another event called In Borough Day that started at 4 pm

“He came in from the Bahamas very tired and went to perform with the promoters complaining to him about the show Machel had earlier that day which was the reason for the poor turnout," said Pantin.

Pantin said a full statement of apology will be issued in the next few days.

Blaxx has been in the industry for over 30 years singing and defending soca. He has nothing personal against anyone one in the industry,” Pantin said.

Montano posted this on his Instagram account yesterday, “Well yes ! #thekanyewesteffect “ Good morning neighbor “ “ We did come here…for love “ ....Blaxx , according to Kanye “ I love u bro “ anybody see Blaxx today tell him he’s loved !!!! and in your own words “ What doh kill you , does make u stronger “ #vegan #nobeef #lovealways #wakandaforever I love u bro “

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