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5 Beautiful Summer Upgrades to Make In Your Home Décor

Everyone likes to make their personal space reflect new seasons. Now that the summer season is here you might be thinking to update your home décor with easy and reasonable changes. Small alterations make a huge impact when it comes to home décor. You can simply experiment with new colors, add some outdoor lights and repaint your ceilings to make your house look new and refreshing. For all beautiful upgrades that you would like to make in your home décor this summer, we have compiled some tips right here on this page. Keep reading and find out what minor changes can do.

Repaint the ceilings.

A dirty or dull grayish ceiling makes your space look less airy and clean. Fortunately, white paint is great to fix this issue. Do your research on the white shade before hiring a painter. There are quite a lot of shades of white in the market. Check out the one you want. White ceilings will renew the look of your house instantly.

Add fresh flowers and indoor plants.

Not all of us have garden areas in our houses but we can surely bring some green plants and fresh flowers to our indoors. Pick indoor plants that don’t require much sunlight to grow and which are easy to maintain like bamboo palms and succulents.

You can buy these plants on a budget way less than you spend on your coffee weekly. Choose some fresh colorful flowers with summary scents like sunflowers, roses, tulips and peonies to change the look and feel of you home. Fill vases with roses and put them in places in the parts of your house where you spend most of your time.

Change your curtains and bed set.

Heavy curtains in dark shades look really warm and classy in winter. However, these curtains should be replaced by lighter shades in summer. Find fabrics like chiffon with floral prints and cool colors so that air can pass through them and you don’t feel hot. With this upgrade, your room will become more ventilated and bright. Bedding plays an important role in your bedroom décor. Change your cushion covers, bed sheets and pillows. Add fewer layers to your bedding in summer. Buy soft pillows to sleep in comfort for longer hours. Make sure the color scheme of your bedding matches the room. If you have printed curtains, keep your bed set basic and simple.

Add more mirrors.

Huge mirrors can be one of the best upgrades to make in your home décor. Light reflecting through mirrors make the rooms look bigger and more open. You can have a large mirror on any wall near window. Wide mirrors in passageways also look classy.

Choose pastel colors for showpieces and table covers.

Table cover in soft pastel colors and prints look cool and entertaining. Tea coasters, tropical designs of mugs and glasses give an amazing summary vibe. Also, pick a pastel palette for the showpieces. Match these colors by adding little contrast. Select some accent pieces to enhance the soft furnishings of your house. You can restyle your grey and white sofas with light pink, mint, soft blue cushions.


Author Bio:

Rebecca Jarvis is a professional interior decorator who likes to blog about latest home decorating trends. She believes that it is very important to have a comfortable and well styled personal space in each house for a happy and healthy life. Check more posts and reviews here.

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