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Blaqk Sheep ‘Grabs’ the ‘Control Bottons’ for the Ladies this Summer

Earlier this year, dancehall hit making producer, Germaine ‘Blaqk Sheep’ Clarke, promised to take over summer 2018 for the ladies and that is exactly what he is doing.

The producer, who is responsible for hits such as Ride It, Bang, Up in Her Belly, and also beats of the Skelewu rhythm which saw several hits including Spice’s Indicator, is currently riding the waves of success once again with his four new singles, Shauna Chyn’s Control Button, RDX's Grab, Kalado’s Beast Attack and Lisa Hyper’s Gone A Work.

According to Blaqk Sheep, “every female has these songs in their playlists!” Since Dovey Magnum released Bawl Out the ‘gyal’ segment has been transformed into something sexy making way for Control Button. The video which was released early this month has already copped over 100,000 views on YouTube. “The ladies are in a sexy mood so that’s why I released Control Button and Gone A Work to let them get their sexy on so they can be ready for what’s up next!” he said. What’s up next, you asked? It’s the controversial ‘grab’ segment. This is where Beast Attack and Grab comes to play. These singles are more of the raunchy type of music, as suggested by their names.

Blaqk Sheep stated that “I am the king of these type of rhythms. I’m responsible for most of these rhythms that makes a woman wants to lose herself. Some women like the raunchy and wildness while some like the sexyness so why not give them what they are begging for?”

Blaqk Sheep is also working on upcoming projects such as the Mombasa rhythm, featuring Ghanaian dancehall star Shatta Wale and also a single with Panama based artiste Eshconinco and Kim Weirdo. The four songs are currently available on iTunes. Be sure to get you a copy of each and follow Blaqk Sheep Music on all social media platforms for the latest updates.

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