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Birdie Promotions Soars Across The Entertainment Landscape

When one hears the name Birdie Fluff it may not readily conjure an image in your head but this Jamaican born, Washington based entertainment practitioner has been steadily carving out a niche for herself across the diaspora as one of the industry's most enterprising marketing and promotions connoisseur. Hailing from the Washington D.C. metropolis, Birdie an avid supporter of Caribbean culture made her foray into the industry almost a decade and a half ago as an event promoter and in 2013 decided to launch her own promotional company Birdie Promotions LLC. That same year, her establishment was lauded for its efforts with the 'Social Media Marketing Award at one of the city's most premium events (Kirk Vybz's Promoters Ball & Ceremony).

Two years later, she took the decision to up the ante on her marketing portfolio with the launch of Birdie Promotions Magazine (BPM), a publication exclusively geared towards advertising. However, this format quickly evolved by the second issue with additional features to incorporate a plethora of the diaspora's emerging talents in music and entertainment. The magazine would soon become a platform for artists whether established or burgeoning. Throughout the years the magazine which has grown significantly featured some of North America and the Caribbean's most popular personalities namely; Dexta Daps, Nesbeth, Govana, Gappy Ranks, Tifa, Vanessa Bling among a surfeit of others.

This CEO and Editor-in-chief's grit and enthusiasm are what distinguishes her distinctive persona. The aforementioned has propelled her craft and vision to develop a publication that now boasts an online version. BPM also offers a highly effective advertising medium to millions of print and online readers for marketing professionals and businesses alike with the aim of becoming a global brand.

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