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I-Octane Seductively Takes on Your TimeLine


Kingston, Jamaica - Since releasing his third full length "Love & Life" at #3 on the Reggae Billboard Chart, the album has offered breakthrough tracks of all genres for the most discriminating musical palet, from the message conscious "One Chance" to dancehall hit "Unfair Games", fans and music lovers each have their own favorites!

The latest buzzworthy single "Timeline" has struck a familiar chord with fans. Written by Byiome 'I-Octane' Muir & Matthew 'Esco' Thompson, the TJ Records produced track was inspired by every day life. "These days everyone is a little obsessed with their phones and social media timelines. On this song I found away to connect the love for phones and with the love for physical intimacy. the lyrics are self explanatory" stated I-Octane

"Mi love when yu check me like yu message dem Treat mi like yu pictures when yu tekking dem Nuh worry bout yu ex an weh him seh A jus me an yu baby, nuh let in dem Keep me on like yu android Yu screen when yu unda it Mi will top yu up but yu nah get nuh megabytes Pon me spen yuh nights"

While "Love & Life" album is available worldwide, "TimeLine" single is available on your favorite platform via IDC "Love & Life explores vibes like R&B, soca, pop, latin, EDM, afrobeats, and hip hop, while staying grounded in Jamaica’s own reggae and dancehall. Octane stands out, even among Jamaica’s most versatile musical talent, because of his ability to inhabit different styles of music with ease. Love & Life showcases this aptitude, and when it is applied to such a diverse ethno-pop soundscape, the result is an album that appeals to the multitude of factions in Octane’s scattered global fanbase." - Dan Dabber for Reggaeville

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