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Deizzle Shines With “My Goals”

Rising Dancehall artiste Deizzle is blazing the airwaves with his latest single, My Goals. The uplifting track speaks of the artiste’s journey to success through confidence and determination, and also addresses people who once doubted him but now pay attention to him as he elevates himself.

Released on August 4, 2018, the track was produced by Lee Milla Productions on the Legacy Riddim which also features Rygin King and Tifa. Since its release, the single has been making rounds both locally and internationally, with substantial rotations and positive feedback from listeners around the world.

“Some say it’s the most motivating song on the riddim due to the message coming from this track; the fans are loving it,” the artiste proudly remarked.

Speaking on his expectations for the track, he said, “The song is already doing its work as it burns down the air waves and the streets. It can only get bigger and better.”

While the My Goals is receiving recognition in countries such as Canada, Guyana and Trinidad, as well as cities across the UK and the US, his overall aim is to get the track playing in even more countries globally. The music video for the track is currently in the works and is expected to be released next month, along with other exciting projects.

At the moment, Deizzle is continuing on his mission to create relatable and tasteful tracks that spread positive messages to his fans both old and new, as well as potential new listeners. All this is set to culminate on an upcoming EP that he confidently states “will change the game.”

As it relates to live performances, there are some events in the works, which will be announced in due time. He is known for previous tracks such as Wheel Chair, Can’t Control Me, Proud, Thumbs Up and Badness Don’t Pay.

My Goals is available for streaming on major digital platforms online such as Deezer, iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.

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