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An Exclusive Interview with Dorian Laird, Mister Jamaica Ambassador 2023

Meet Dorian Laird, the epitome of Jamaican excellence and grace, as he embarks on an extraordinary journey as Mister Jamaica Ambassador 2023. Hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Jamaica, Dorian is set to represent his homeland on the global stage at the upcoming international competition in Curacao on June 1, 2024.

Dorian Laird
Dorian Laird

But who is Dorian Laird beyond his prestigious title?



Tell us about Yourself.

My name is Dorian Laird, and I am a student at Edna Manley College, where I am currently finishing up my bachelor’s degree as an aspiring educator in Drama education. I love nature, restaurants, and movies. I love being around friends.  


How does it feel to be the Mister Jamaica Ambassador in 2023?

 I feel astonished to know I have accomplished such a big achievement. I never knew I would reach this far and be an ambassador for my own country, which was one of my aims to represent my country, and I am now getting the opportunity to do so.


Tell us about the competition.

 The competition is about preparing young men to make an impact in their communities and to represent Jamaica internationally as an ambassador.


What will be your focus as the winner?

My focus as the winner is to use my drama tool to send a positive message to the men out there about the importance of mental health and why it should be taken seriously.


Do you believe that males should be entering pageants?

 I strongly believe that males should enter pageants because it helps them build their self-esteem and boost their confidence level by being a representation of who they are in their uniqueness.  


How do you relax?

The things that make me comfortable are music, going to the beach, or just being around nature.


What would we be surprised to learn about you?

 I think what you would be surprised to know about me is that I was a chef at Sandals Hotel at one point before I started my Educator journey.

Name three things that you must have in your bag.

Phone, Wallet, and Charger 


What are your expectations as you prepare for the international competition?

I am getting in the training so that I can walk away with the international title. I am looking forward to meeting the contestants from different countries and sharing the Jamaican culture with them.


What would you say to young men who want to enter the competition in 2024?

Entering an organization such as this is a way of building self-confidence, becoming a role model, and representing people as a voice for the voiceless.


What can we expect from you in the future?

Establishing a foundation to support men's mental health in my country.

As Dorian prepares to represent Jamaica with pride and advocate for important causes on the international stage, Dorian's journey serves as an inspiring reminder of the transformative power of passion and perseverance.



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