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Best Ways To Care for Your New Coral Aquarium

Caring for your new coral aquarium doesn’t have to be stressful. It should be fun! Learn the best ways to care for your corals and how to keep them healthy.

So, you did your research and decided to invest in caring for corals. Congratulations! Even if you feel fully prepared, it’s always a good idea to get advice on the best ways to care for your new coral aquarium. Read on to discover some tips to keep yours healthy and happy.

Pick the Right Tank

It may seem obvious but picking the correct tank size is vital for the life of your corals. They need plenty of space to grow, as some grow quicker than others. Some can even become aggressive, so it’s important to space them properly to protect the surrounding coral. It may be a good idea to start with beginner-friendly corals in order to enjoy your first coral aquarium. Some include leather corals, toadstool corals, star polyps, and mushroom corals.

Consider Nutrition

You may be wondering what corals need to consume in order to survive. The short answer is algae, although there are other nutrients corals need to survive. Bacterioplankton and zooplankton are other major sources of food for corals. There are even some corals that can catch and ingest small fish! So, no matter the size of your corals, ensuring proper nutrition for them is essential for their survival. You can also find high-quality store-bought food for corals at a specialty store. This is one of the best ways to care for your new coral aquarium.

Choose a Good Location

Another way to care for your corals is by making sure you choose the perfect location for your coral aquarium. Try not to place it next to any natural lighting, such as a window or any vents. Corals only need supplemental lighting as well as the ideal temperature to thrive, and unexpected airflow can affect that. Additionally, your tank needs a sturdy foundation to sit on so there is no chance for it to shake or fall. As long as your tank is away from excess lighting and airflow, you’re good to go!


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