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Cali and JA Team Up On Reggae Duet

Left to Right - Gonzo (Of California Reggae band Tribal Seeds) and Al Mighty (of Jamaica Reggae band EarthKry)
Left to Right - Gonzo (Of California Reggae band Tribal Seeds) and Al Mighty (of Jamaica Reggae band EarthKry)

San Diego, California (MPR CONSULTING) - - As Plato once said “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”, and it is in keeping with those sentiment, that Gonzo (Tribal Seeds) enlisted his colleague across the ocean for the soulful reggae tune "Do You Feel Me?" A producer and Billboard artist in his own right, Gonzo who is a band member of San Diego, California, award-winning Reggae group Tribal Seeds teamed up with Al Mighty, who is the lead vocalist and guitarist for Roots Rock Reggae band EarthKry. "I saw EarthKry at a festival in Lisbon Portugal while I was playing with my band Tribal Seeds; and really thought their set was great. Al’s voice stood out to me amongst the other bands and we hit it off back stage. When I was thinking of a different feature, AL’s name came to mind. I thought of Al because of his voice and because his band EarthKry was special. Jamaica has been very dancehall influenced in the last decade. So to me it was refreshing to see a reggae BAND coming from Jamaica." explained Gonzo Al Mighty chimed in reflecting on their first encounter. "Our friends from New Kingston reggae band brought us to a Tribal Seeds show and that was the first time i saw Gonzo shredding guitar. I remember going backstage after their performance and said bro that solo was epic. He was kinda hard on himself 'cause he said something to the tune of "I messed up". I don't quite remember his exact words. But I felt what he felt because I'm the same way on stage. Passionate perfectionists I'd say we are. I thought to myself after that encounter, yeah these are my kind of people. Imagine the excitement when i was contacted for this collaboration. It was fate." As worldwide restrictions due to pandemic put halt to touring life, both multi-talented musicians have spent their hiatus with family, and to the delight of reggae fans, time in the studio to an already impressive discography. "This song came from being on the road and being away from home so much.. missing our family kids wives.. having to deal with the struggle of them missing us while we are gone. I made my verse vague so it speaks to more people. Do ya feel me? " - Gonzo Yes it’s been so long So long since I’ve seen ya I’m hearing lots of talk And little action The time for change is now And if you cry I’ll dry up all your tears And if you try I’ll take away your your fears You’ll never be lonely

Gonzo X Al Mighty of EarthKry "Do You Feel Me?" is available on all major streaming platforms and digital outlets

About Gonzo

Known for his suave lyrical delivery expressing his love for women and good ganja, Gonzo’s musical roots run deep into his childhood. Inspired by his father to become a musician, Gonzo grew up listening to Motown, Classic Rock, Oldies, Salsa, R&B and Soul, and notes of each can be detected throughout his albums. At the age of fifteen, he began playing guitar and soon linked up with high school friends to form his first band, now widely known as Fortunate Youth. In 2011, Fortunate Youth released their debut album, Irie State of Mind, with Gonzo as the lead guitarist and one of two lead vocalists. After two national tours, Gonzo parted ways with Fortunate Youth to embark on his solo career.

With Beyond I Sight as his backing band, Gonzo hit the road to promote his debut solo effort. Soon after, San Diego’s Tribal Seeds recruited him to be their lead guitarist and back up vocalist. After several nationwide tours with Tribal Seeds, shows up and down the west coast with Beyond I Sight, and a solo set at the 2014 California Roots Music and Arts Festival, Gonzo released his second full-length album as an independent artist.

Gonzo continues to tour around the nation with Tribal Seeds, while simultaneously pursuing opportunities to showcase his solo talent.

About Al Mighty

Lead guitarist and vocalist for Roots Rock Reggae band EarthKry, Al Mighty's musical journey is tale told by many, it all started in the church. It is under that sacred roof that he developed his voice, and taught himself the piano/keyboard.

Edna Manley College, and brief stints as backing band for established artists honed his talent and led him to his musical home "EarthKry". Alongside his band members keyboardist Phillip Mcfarlane, bassist Kemardo Blake and Drummer Kieron Cunningham, the self-contained band has been recording a successful debut EP “Hard Road”, an acclaimed, worldwide top charting debut album “SURVIVAL”, a few singles and have toured extensively on some of the biggest international stages proudly striving to deliver authentic reggae in its mission to voice the grievances of the downtrodden through the vibrations of their Legacy music.


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