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Caribbean wedding expert releases new wedding planning book on Amazon ‘It’s Knot Difficult’

P.O.S. Trinidad (Sonique Solutions) –Trinidad & Tobago-based wedding expert and Editor-in-Chief of Simone Sant-Ghuran, has released her wedding planning guide book for engaged couples, on Amazon entitled ‘It's Knot Difficult: A guide to wedding planning Your Way with a little help from a pro!’

The book's release on Amazon comes just in time for the start of the bridal season in T&T as well as in the wider Caribbean region.

It’s Knot Difficult

Sant-Ghuran, who has 19 years of experience in the wedding industry has run the gamut and covered all aspects – from wedding planning for couples, teaching event management professionals, being a speaker at international bridal shows and hosting her own bridal shows & events to wedding magazine publishing, being a wedding columnist for 11 years for a leading national newspaper in Trinidad and Tobago and a wedding contributor for other local and international magazines and publications.

With regards to writing this guide for engaged couples she shared, “I’ve taken all those years of experience, and of seeing the good and the bad parts of the wedding industry, in order to be able to distill the content in this guide. I wanted to simplify the mystery that’s wedding planning and to bring back the joy that wedding planning should be!”

Sharing on her inspiration for “Its Knot Difficult!’ she stated, “I first had the idea for writing a book during the pandemic. Sadly, that was a time when the event industry ground to a halt but the silver lining was that I had more time to think about a future direction! However, active work on the book started last September.”

She continued, “My motivation to do it was to give engaged couples who wanted to DIY their wedding, a comprehensive resource. Over the years, many couples have told me that after they become engaged, they have no clue where to even start. This book is a good place to begin the journey! Personally, it's also a piece of legacy work for me, something to represent the time I've dedicated to this industry and a resource that will live on, after I retire!”

The book is filled with insider wedding tips, ideas and checklists and is an ideal resource for the do-it-yourself (DIY) bride or for anyone interested in learning the basics of wedding planning.

It also includes a resource from The Naughty Grape Store, Trinidad on choosing your wedding drinks list.

It’s Knot Difficult is available on Amazon Paperback and Kindle via and for digital download purchase to any device via

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