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Edley Shine Drops Stunning Visual For “Glow Party”

Edley Shine

International recording artiste Edley Shine’s latest offering is a welcome treat for music lovers around the world. In celebration of one year since the release of his debut 2020 EP, “Based On Talent”, released the stunning visuals for the 4th single, “Glow Party” on Friday, July 23, 2021.

“I’m just showing diversity, a different sound and showing my audience there’s more to my vocal ability than they may be aware of. I could have opted to get a singer to feature on 'Glow Party' but I demoed it for a couple singers and they basically shot me down to collab for whatever reason. So I just kept the demo and that's what people hear on the final product on the EP,” the artiste revealed.

The track is currently one of the most streamed songs on the EP. "‘Glow Party’ is an international record that is being played in Africa, Europe, South America and pockets of the Caribbean. So, the data I’ve seen shows me that the song needs the proper nurturing to live out its full potential,” the artiste elaborated.

Released independently at the heights of the pandemic, “Based On Talent” is a strong body of work that the artiste is quite proud of, jam-packed with a slew of high quality productions.

“It’s music that does not conform to any of the trends or norms of modern Dancehall and Reggae. It’s the vegetables on the plate most people will not consume on the first, second or third presentation but for the most part, people that appreciate good music have personally reached out to me and stated I deserve more recognition for staying myself and making quality music that stands pass the viral and hype cycle of today’s music standards,” he expressed.

Formerly ½ of the explosive duo Born Jamericans, Edley Shine is living up to his name and taking his talents to the world. In an ever evolving industry, the artiste has managed to remain timely and relevant as an independent artiste, with a slew of hits under his belt. “With 'Glow Party', I just continue to show people that there’s more in store from my brand and this was just a statement project to let the industry know that your favourite artiste is here to stay,” he stated.

In addition to “Glow Party”, he has released a red-hot Summer Series of music, including “Cloud 9”, “Money Face” and “Sweet Baby Pt. 2 (Inna Dem Town).” Expect even more projects from Edley Shine in the coming months, with new music currently in the works.

Edley Shine “Glow Party”

“Glow Party” is available for purchase and streaming on major digital platforms online.


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