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Grenada Celebrates 10th Annual Chocolate Festival with a Special Rum Edition

Grenada Chocolate Fest 2023

Grenada, also known as the spice island of the Caribbean, is hosting its 10th annual Grenada Chocolate Festival from May 16 to 21, 2023. The week-long festival celebrates the rich history and culture of chocolate production in Grenada, where visitors can explore cocoa fields, witness tree-to-bar chocolate-making processes, indulge in chocolate tastings, and enjoy chocolate-themed wellness experiences.

This year, the festival is returning with a special Rum Edition that offers a mix of rum tastings and tours at local distilleries, a masterclass with Renegade and Tri Island, and mixologist competitions at Mount Cinnamon. Visitors will learn about the history of rum and chocolate production and the ethical production of tree-to-bar chocolate.

Grenada is home to six chocolate companies, including the world-famous Grenada Chocolate Company, a pioneer of the tree-to-bar chocolate movement. Petra Roach, CEO of Grenada Tourism Authority, stated that Grenada’s volcanic soil, warm weather, and thick rainforests make the island an ideal climate to grow fine cocoa. Only 12 percent of the world's exported cocoa beans have the designation of fine-flavored cocoa, and 100 percent of Grenada's cocoa exports are classified as fine-flavored cocoa. Grenada produces about 800 tons of cocoa per year, contributing to 6% of GDP.

Magdalena Fielden, Founder of the Grenada Chocolate Festival, said that the festival is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the local farmers and chocolatiers who have made Grenada a world-renowned destination for chocolate lovers.

The festival kicks off with rum tastings and experiences at Tri Island and a visit to the House of Chocolate in the morning before relaxing the afternoon away. The opening celebration of the festival takes place at Westerhall Estate, where visitors can enjoy an evening full of music, chocolate, rum, and local food vendors.

Throughout the festival, visitors can participate in chocolate-themed activities such as cocoa theme crafts bazaar, cocoa theme kids book readings, and a tree-to-bar sustainable chocolate flavoring experience at Crayfish Bay. Families can also enjoy a Chocolate Family Day, and distillery tours at Renegade Rum and Rivers Rum are also available. Visitors can relax during a yoga sound healing with chocolate at Sankalpa Yoga Studio and enjoy a chocolate culinary dinner at Dodgy Dock.

The Grenada Chocolate Festival is a must-visit event for chocolate lovers and budding chocolatiers from around the world. With a variety of fun and delicious experiences, visitors can explore Grenada's beautiful island and celebrate this significant element of Grenadian culture with locals. For more information, please visit the Grenada Chocolate Festival website.


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