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Hawaii's Reggae Band The Lambsbread Premieres SHOW LOVE Video.

 The Lambsbread (Nadia, Samuel Levi, Jacob Selassie and Kaya)
The Lambsbread (Nadia, Samuel Levi, Jacob Selassie and Kaya)

MPR CONSULTING - Hawaii's Reggae Royalty, The Lambsbread are still delivering gifts to fans and music lovers alike off their 6th full length "SHOW LOVE" album, which debuted at #3 on iTunes Reggae chart. To celebrate the latter and kick start Reggae Month 2022, the conscious reggae band premiered "Show Love" video today at YardHype e-gazine.

First released as a single to tease fans of their forthcoming album, the lead single of the same name delivered The Lambsbread (vocalists Kaya & Nadia and their children 21 years old Samuel Levi, and 17 years old Jacob Selassie) perpetual message of "Show Love, Spread Love". A common theme throughout their musical legacy,

As fans hummed along ‘Never let dem divide or change you", Kaya and Jacob, the father and son colleagues teamed up on the filmography and directorial endeavors for the "Show Love" video filmed on location in Hawaii. "The storyline follows the message in the lyrics, a message of inner strength against all odds. The vision was pure and simple, no cameos, we just wanted features from real people around the island singing “show love, spread love, one love,” explained Kaya

"The video focuses on the diversity and unity of the people. We wanted to capture the essence of the song's lyrics. The beautiful backdrop of Hawaii's landscape, people of all flavors, family and friends, all gathering spreading good vibes, showing love" added Jacob

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