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Jada Kingdom: A Force to Be Reckoned With

Jada "Twinkle" Kingdom, the stage name for Jada Ashanti Murphy, is a rising star in the dancehall scene. Born in Bull Bay, St. Andrew , on September 5, 1998. From Neptune Basic School to Saint Benedict's Primary School and Vauxhall High, music was always her constant companion. Despite facing challenges and solitude, Jada found solace in music, transforming her deepest thoughts into poignant poems that eventually evolved into soul-stirring songs.  She has quickly made a name for herself with her catchy tunes, confident persona, and vibrant personality.

Jada Kingdom

Kingdom's musical journey began at a young age, and she was already writing songs by the time she was a teenager. After a standout appearance in Sean Kingston's 2016 music video for "One Away," Jada swiftly transitioned to crafting her own musical path. In 2018, she released her debut single, "Banana," "Heavy," and "Win," which showcased her unique blend of dancehall and pop influences.  Since then, Kingdom has released a string of hit singles, including "Tek It," "Turn Me On," and "What's Up (Big Buddy)."  These songs have helped to establish her as an artist to watch.

In 2020, Jada treated fans to her EP "E-Syde Queen (The Twinkle Playlist) #Snacksize," a tantalizing collection showcasing her dynamic range and undeniable talent. As she ventured into 2021, Jada remained unstoppable, releasing new singles such as "Perfect Timing" and "Jungle," further cementing her position as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

In addition to her music, Kingdom is also known for her outspoken nature and her willingness to challenge the status quo. She is a vocal advocate for women's rights, and she has spoken out against sexism and discrimination in the dancehall industry.

Her latest releases, "Top Tier", "Accept Dat", "PURGE", "Steff Lazarus" and "London Bed" all came out this year, solidifying her position as a prolific and ever-evolving artist.

Jada Kingdom is a talented and versatile artist who is sure to continue making waves in the dancehall scene for years to come. She continues to gain recognition both locally and internationally, and many fans and critics alike are eagerly anticipating what the future holds for this talented artist.


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