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Jamaican Songstress Bella Blair Seduces Fans With Sexy New Video

Bella Blair
Bella Blair

Bella Blair is back with a sexy new video for her song “All Summer,” which was released yesterday, Thursday, September 9. The mid-tempo track is the latest single off of her upcoming EP “Shine.” The visual for the record depicts Bella Blair’s pursuit of a summer fling and her fantasies for the seasonal romance. The Caribbean songstress showcases a different side of her personality with sensual lyrics and provocative imagery. Shot in Miami, Florida, the “All Summer” video begins with an 80’s-inspired intro that references Miami Vice. The next scene shows a flashback of Bella Blair meeting a man at a bookstore while donning long red locks and a fitted leather bustier. While shopping in a luxury retail district, Bella Blair is contacted by her new male suitor to make plans for their first date. Bella Blair’s imagination starts to run wild, and the remainder of the video depicts seductive fantasies of courtship, romance, love, and lust.

The catchy cadence of the chorus will have fans reminiscing about the summer well into the holiday season, and the steamy imagery of the video is sure to keep temperatures rising. “I wanted to portray the way infatuation ignites the imagination,” explains Bella Blair. “From the shy beginnings of the initial meeting to the fantasy of intimacy, we often let our minds run wild when we meet someone we like. We fill our heads with hypothetical love stories and begin fantasizing about all of the romantic moments we could share in a lifetime together. The song and video capture those moments when our minds outpace our hearts and the hopeless romantic inside us gets carried away.

”The visual for “All Summer” allows Bella Blair to showcase the complexities of her womanhood. Many of her fans (known as the Turkle Gang) were first introduced to Bella Blair as a comedic vlogger. Her sophisticated sensuality expressed in the video is quite the departure from delivering social commentary. The new project shows the growth and maturity of Bella Blair’s musical artistry through the vibrant depiction of her dynamic personality. She is a fashion chameleon serving looks that range from a dominatrix-inspired catsuit to an iridescent metallic mini-dress. Bella Blair is a star on the rise whose mainstream sound maintains elements of her Caribbean roots. Her pop sensibilities and genre-blending abilities make her an artist to watch. Bella Blair’s EP “Shine” is expected to release this Friday, September 10, and will feature an eclectic mix of songs and lyrical perspectives that are sure to ignite the charts.


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