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Mical Teja Takes the Crown: TUCO Announces Road Monarch 2024 Winner

Mical Teja Takes the Crown

The atmosphere in Trinidad and Tobago is electric as the nation celebrates the crowning of Mical Williams, popularly known as Mical Teja, as the Road Monarch 2024. Hosted by the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Calypsonians' Organisation (TUCO), the Road Monarch Competition is a highlight of the annual Trinidad Carnival festivities, showcasing the best of soca and calypso music.

Mical Teja's victory is a testament to his exceptional talent and undeniable stage presence. His performance of the hit song "DNA" captivated audiences and judges alike, earning a remarkable total of 341 plays throughout the competition. Teja's ability to seamlessly blend infectious rhythms with poignant lyrics resonated deeply with the people of Trinidad and Tobago, solidifying his status as a true musical sensation.

The Road Monarch Competition 2024 saw fierce competition among a pool of immensely talented performers. With seven judging points established, reflecting the widespread engagement and enthusiasm for soca and calypso music across the nation, the stakes were high. Yet, Mical Teja emerged victorious, claiming not only the prestigious title of Road Monarch 2024 but also the grand prize of $250,000.00.

In a statement, TUCO expressed its admiration for all participants, acknowledging their remarkable contributions to the cultural landscape of Trinidad and Tobago. Each contender showcased exceptional talent and spirit, enriching the Carnival experience for all who attended.

Mical Teja Takes the Crown

As the festivities continue to reverberate throughout the nation, Mical Teja's win serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring musicians and performers. His success underscores the enduring legacy of soca and calypso music in Trinidad and Tobago, reaffirming its position as a cornerstone of national identity and pride.

Congratulations poured in from across the country for Mical Teja and his fellow competitors, highlighting the unity and camaraderie that defines Trinidad Carnival. As the celebrations unfold, Trinidad and Tobago eagerly anticipates the next chapter in its rich musical heritage.


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