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Miss Jamaica is ready for the Miss Supranational Finals.

Miss Jamaica Carisa Peart is in high spirit as she looked towards the finals of the Miss Supranational competition; on July 15, 2022. She has suffered a major setback since her luggage did not arrive in Poland. She arrived on June 27th and has only received 2 of her 4 luggage from Finnair Airlines. She has been blessed to have pageant sisters who have offered to assist her.

One of the major events leading up to the finals was the Miss Supra Model of the Year Competition. The girls were divided into six groups: Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean. Two girls were selected from each region. For the Caribbean, Jamaica and Haiti were selected. They both did a battle round on stage and Miss Jamaica emerged the winner. Special mention must be made of Miss Trinidad and Tobago, Christin Coeppicus, who lent Miss Jamaica a dress for the model competition, and credit must be given to the twin designers, K2K, for the World Class outfit.

Miss Jamaica made the finals of the Talent Competition. The best six talent contestants were selected. She sang “No woman no cry” by Bob Marley. It was well-received by the audience. The talent winner will be announced at the final.

The fans of Miss Jamaica can download the Miss Supranational app and vote her into the final. The winner of the fan vote will get an automatic place in the top 12.


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