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Multi-Award-Winning Artiste Jermaine Edwards Inspires Positive Change With "Control My Mind School Tour"

Jermaine Edwards

Multi-award-winning artiste Jermaine Edwards, musician and motivational speaker, is making a profound impact on the next generation with his "Control My Mind School Tour." Fueled by a deep concern for the normalization of negative influences affecting today's youth, Edwards aims to plant seeds of inspiration and guide young minds toward positive choices.

Edwards expressed his motivation, stating, "It's alarming how negative influences from music and community pressures have become normalized, letting them lose control of their minds. I believe that in the future, I will hear stories of how something someone said during the tour significantly impacted someone's thoughts and actions, as I saw genuineness in their eyes."

The tour has already left an indelible mark, with students actively engaging in open dialogues, enrolling in programs with Heart Trust NSTA and the National Council on Drug Abuse, and expressing gratitude for the valuable insights provided. Edwards and his team are committed to establishing ongoing connections with students requiring assistance, involving guidance counselors, churches, the police, and community centers.

Addressing critical topics such as the effects of hybrid Cannabis, alternative education paths, maintaining good morals, discouraging scams and theft, and countering negative cultural influences, the tour emphasizes the importance of understanding factors affecting young minds and coping with family trauma.

Reflecting on the tour's impact, Edwards notes, "Sometimes, we may not fully comprehend the impact of our actions until someone, in the future, acknowledges that something said or experienced during the tour made them reconsider their choices."

In an exciting development, Jermaine Edwards announces an extension of his mission with the "Control My Mind" High School Tour, commencing in January 2024 for six weeks. Making twelve stops across all three counties (Cornwall, Middlesex, and Surrey), this extended tour features a 120-minute inspirational talk infused with motivational music, a live band performance by Jermaine Edwards, large LED screens with positive content, and interactive sessions conducted by private and public partner organizations.

The "Control My Mind" School Tour aims to motivate and energize students and staff, providing a proven method for thriving throughout the new year/semester—music. Jermaine Edwards remains committed to the ongoing battle against escalating violence in schools and the subtle glorification of negative habits, offering a beacon of hope and inspiration for the next generation.


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