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Netflix's "Too Hot To Handle" Season 3 Heats Up Turks and Caicos

The third season of Netflix's raunchiest dating show "Too Hot To Handle" will be set in the Caribbean.

The show revolves around a bunch of sex-obsessed singles who are duped into spending several days at a villa on the Caribbean island of Turks and Caicos. The catch is that they are not permitted to kiss or engage in any form of sex while in the villa.

Each time they break the rules, a portion of the jackpot payout is deducted. At the end of the show, whatever is left of the jackpot is presented to one or more competitors.

This year's lineup consists of Beaux from Kent, UK, Georgia from Brisbane, Australia, Holly from Colorado, USA, Izzy from Manchester, UK and Jaz from Virginia, USA, for the girls.

The series returns to Netflix on January 19th with a new set of sizzling singles.


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