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Sashi Entertainment Launches New Global Streaming Service Focused on Caribbean Content

Sashi Entertainment, best known for its world-renowned concert series and experiential festival, the Sashi Experience, has announced the launch of its new global streaming service called Sashi Entertainment Network. The new mobile and OTT platform will feature a unique variety of premier Caribbean-focused content, available in over 176 countries, including the U.S. Caribbean, Europe, and Canada.

The platform, which offers a growing library of content from Caribbean filmmakers, creators, and artists, as well as emerging talent, will highlight the best moments in Caribbean culture, with curated sections for movies, documentaries, music videos, lifestyle, and travel. The service will be available on Apple and Google platforms and devices, with plans to release Android TV devices later this year.

Co-Founded by music executive, Horatio Hamilton, and brand architect, Lexi Chow, Sashi Entertainment aims to keep the diaspora connected to the pulse of the Caribbean. "The media industry is experiencing a transformation with deepening demands for a cultural connection. The growth of OTT networks and mobile apps have also increased demand for niche content and the need for a singular place for Caribbean-centric content," said Chow.

Sashi's curated catalog and original programming, which is expected to include collaborations with veteran filmmaker, director, and writer, Cess Silvera, continues to grow with authentic content that will fuel subscriber growth, viewership, and retention. The platform aims to have over 1.1 million subscribers by the end of 2024.

Sashi Entertainment's vision is to provide a platform that magnifies the beauty, diversity, and inclusivity of Caribbean culture, and Sashi is gearing up to revolutionize the entertainment and content space. "Creatives like me will have an authentic voice and home where the narrative of our stories will be controlled by us and not some outside source. With several projects in the pipeline, I'm very excited for what the future holds for Sashi as a global player in media and entertainment," said Cess Silvera.

Sashi Entertainment Network is currently offering a free tier subscription under the AVOD model, with SVOD prices to be revealed. For more information, please visit and find Sashi on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


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