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Shemina Peroune: Crowned Miss Caribbean Culture Queen 2023 at 15th Anniversary Pageant

In a dazzling celebration of culture, beauty, and talent, the Miss Caribbean Culture Queen Pageant reached a remarkable milestone with its 15th anniversary edition. This highly anticipated regional pageant, held during the enchanting Culturama festival, brought together the Caribbean's finest representatives for an unforgettable evening on Monday, August 7th. The Cultural Complex in St. Kitts and Nevis provided the stage for this year's festivities.

 Miss Guyana, Shemina Peroune
Miss Guyana, Shemina Peroune

The culmination of the event saw the radiant Miss Guyana, Shemina Peroune, claim the coveted title of Miss Caribbean Culture Queen 2023. With a total of 1462 points, Shemina Peroune left an indelible mark on the pageant's history, shining brightly as a beacon of grace and charisma.

The final results of the pageant saw Miss St. Thomas securing the honorable 2nd Runner-up position with a score of 1423 points. Meanwhile, the dynamic Miss St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Jada Ross, captivated the judges and the audience, securing the 1st Runner-up title with an impressive 1454 points.

The journey to victory was not an easy one, as the participants showcased their exceptional skills and charisma across a series of judged segments. In the Best Interview segment, Miss Guyana, Shemina Peroune, outshined the competition with her eloquence and insights, earning her a remarkable 329 points. Miss St. Vincent & The Grenadines demonstrated her mesmerizing talent in the Best Talent category, impressing the judges with a performance that earned her 325 points. Miss St. Croix's confidence and poise in the Best Swimwear segment earned her 307 points, while the elegant Miss St. Thomas reigned supreme in the Best Evening Wear category.

In addition to the judged segments, several non-judged categories highlighted the diverse attributes of the contestants. The title of Miss Congeniality was bestowed upon the charismatic representative from Trinidad, recognizing her warmth and camaraderie. Miss Guyana further showcased her charm by earning the title of Miss Photogenic, captivating the lens with her natural beauty. The distinction of Best Promotional Video was claimed by the creative team from St. Thomas, showcasing their island's allure to perfection.

This year's pageant featured a total of nine talented contestants hailing from various Caribbean islands, each representing the unique cultural tapestry of their homeland. From the grace of Miss Dominica to the poise of Miss St. Kitts, the vivacity of Miss Trinidad and Tobago to the allure of Miss St. Maarten, the participants embodied the rich diversity of the Caribbean.


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