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Upsetta Records & Loud City Music Pay Homage to Dancehall with "Ghost Pepper Riddim"

Loud City Music
(L to R) Upsetta Records: Dan Kingston, Dante & Dubee.

From notable billboard producers, to Grammy winning artists and fans alike, there have been many debates on the state of "Dancehall Juggling" viability on charts and dancefloor alike. While some argue that dancehall has become too singles-driven, Upsetta Records and Loud City music proudly debuted their "Ghost Pepper Riddim" on iTunes US Reggae top 5!

Speaking on their exciting May 5th charting debut release and dancehall naysayers, Dubee of Upsetta stated; "It’s true in many ways that dancehall is not charting the way it was let’s say 15 to 20 years ago, but everything goes in cycles and it’s a sound that is too influential and addictive for it to ever go away. It’s the job of the labels, artists, producers and promoters to see what works and what doesn’t."

Paying homage to a favorite dancehall era, (early 2000’s dancehall Riddims), the Upsetta Records/Loud City Music blazing compilation features music from notable dancehall and reggae artists alike, namely; Bugle, Sizzla, Leftside, Badda General, Bobby Hustle, Darrio, Cappa Caliente, Ghandi, Prohgres and Ras Ajai. "We knew our debut dancehall Riddim needed to be something that brought the “heat” so to speak. The first few versions of the Riddim that Dante worked on were great, but just not quite “hot” enough. Once Loud City sent over their version we knew he had it." explained JJ “Dante” Vezina on the inspiration behind the project's name "Ghost Pepper".

"The original plan for this version was to be a single, but the artist fell through & we decided the Riddim was worth of a juggling. Bugle, Leftside and Sizzla have been 3 of our favorite artists from selecting over the years and having them be a part of this historic release for us was a no brainer."

Noticeable absent for the past few years, like many of their colleagues, worldwide pandemic and restrictions affected music production, and saw their last release with "Kings Riddim" (Agent Sasco, Busy Signal and more) in 2020. "We had several projects including Ghost Pepper in the works as the pandemic hit and it slowed progress down quite a bit." stated Dubee.

Founded in the early 2000s, Upsetta Records went from playing the hits on their turntables, to making the hits in studio. Alongside a steadily growing modest discography, Upsetta Records has also delivered such stellar projects as Grammy award-winning Koffee hit debut "Burning", the powerful provoking "Dutty Man" by Romain Virgo and top charting “Winning Right Now” by International icon, Agent Sasco among others.

"We have a few exciting releases coming up. We’re planning to continue releasing reggae productions & some more true dancehall." - JJ “Dante” Vezina

"Ghost Pepper Riddim" is available for streaming and downlooad worldwide, distributed by ONErpm


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