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What To Tell Your Nail Tech To Get What You Want

It’s important to learn how to communicate your needs to your nail tech effectively. Here’s what to tell your nail tech to get the look you want.

What To Tell Your Nail Tech To Get What You Want

Nail enthusiasts know the bubbling excitement of an upcoming nail appointment. But nothing is more disappointing than leaving the salon with a new set of nails that don’t look as good as you hoped they would. That’s why it’s important to learn how to communicate your needs to your nail tech effectively. Don’t be afraid to speak up and tell them exactly what you have in mind. We’ll walk you through what to tell your nail tech to get what you want.

The Type of Nail Service

The first thing your nail tech needs to know is what type of nail service you want. Maybe you’re just dropping in for a quick refill, or perhaps you want a new full set. If you need a new set, it’s important to specify what kind of nails you prefer. Gel, acrylic, polygel, and dip powder tend to be the most popular options. However, they all provide different results. That’s why it’s important that you make this decision before your appointment and effectively communicate your choice to your nail tech.

The Shape of the Nails

Deciding on your nail shape is one of the most exciting parts of getting a manicure. But every nail tech produces these shapes a bit differently. For example, some nail technicians create coffin-shaped nails with very narrow tips, while others keep their ends wider. Therefore, you want to get as detailed as possible when describing the nail shape you want. Let them know the overall shape, such as stiletto, almond, square, or coffin. Then, tell them how wide, smooth, blunt, or sharp you want your shape to be.

The Length of the Nails

Your nail tech also needs to know what length you want your nails to be. Some prefer long talon-like claws, while others are happier with short, manageable nails. Many people know what they want and get the same thing every time, while others wait to see how the length looks on their nails before deciding. Much like haircuts, it’s easier to start long and trim until you get the length you desire. If you want them shorter, your nail tech can always trim and file the nail tips down.

The Desired Nail Design

Finally, it’s time to share your creative vision for your nail design. Your manicure style says a lot about your personality, so you want to get descriptive. Photos are especially helpful here. Perhaps you saw a gorgeous set of nails on Instagram, and you’re dying to recreate the look. Make sure to show your nail tech these images to give them a reference point for what you’re trying to achieve. There are so many options available, from classic French tips to colorful ombres and even showstopping designs with nail jewelry. Make sure that you’re clear about color, design, and accent choices so that the nail tech can make your vision come to life.

Remember these tips for telling your nail tech what you want at your next appointment. Don’t be afraid to speak up throughout the appointment and offer insight or make corrections when needed. That extra communication will make the experience at the nail salon worth your while.


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