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Winston Duke Will Voice Batman's Bruce Wayne In a New Podcast Series.

Winson Duke

Tobago's born actor Winston Duke, will play Batman's Bruce Wayne in a new podcast series, this according to Hollywood Reporter.

Duke will voice lead in Batman Unburied, the new Spotify podcast from The Dark Knight author David S. Goyer. Duke is most known for his performance as M'baku in Black Panther.

The podcast is characterized as a psychological thriller with dark twists and legendary Batman adversaries that delves into Bruce Wayne's head.

Duke also confirmed via InStagram

"Oh man... picking up the cape and sonically dawning the cowl! I’ve been so excited to share this one with u guys... A truly exciting take on a story we know and love. Thank you @spotify and @dccomics for bringing me into the fold on this one ... I AM BATMAN!!

Duke will be starring in Nine Days, which will hit theaters on August 6.


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