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Interview With Rising Star MONCHERIE

Hailing from the smallest landmass In the world that is governed by TWO super powers (The Netherlands and France); St. Maarten/St.Martin is a 37 square mile paradise for travelers of all kinds, especially us " MUSIC HEADS"Now, I am from the Dutch side and love my local "limes" but every Friday you can catch me at the premiere dancing spot Lago Heights located on the French side. The infectious vibes, delicious food and beautiful people only offset a passionate night of dancing to the sweet sounds of primarily Zoukmusic. You can't predict your night, but two things you can be sure of is, a great time and one of the French man- dem to ask you to dance by starting with MonCherie.

Sweetheart is only one of the many attributes that describe this gorgeous, talented rising star MONCHERIE. Representing one of my neighbouring islands, ST Lucia, this gem from the emerald isle, shares it all about her daily activities "back home" to her Patra, Diana Ross and Lady Saw fused and influenced music. #jumpinthecab Mon Amies

You have a gorgeous, exotic look! What is your nationality?

I am from the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, and I am biracial.

Explain a typical day in St. Lucia for you when you go back home.

Well, I wake up to my mother’s cooking, take my siblings to school and link up with my friends to do something fun! Like go to the beach.

Describe your musical style and who are you influenced by.

I am a very diverse artist; I grew up on gospel but ventured out and started listening to dancehall and reggae music. My influences are Patra, Lady Saw and Dianna Ross.


Why 'Mon Cherie'?

Well, it is my real name and it also represents where I am from, MonCherie is a French name which means “sweetheart.” St. Lucia was colonized by the French seven times and we also speak French creole.When people listen to my music I want them to: A) Feel B) Hear C) See..... What?When people listen to my music I want them to feel good about themselves, about their confidence and about their lifestyles. I want them to hear all the hard work that I put in in order to give them quality music. I want them to see a young girl who made it out of bad situations and following her dreams.

What is your favorite #CARIBBEAN genre to listen to? And what are a few of your favourite songs/ artists from it?

My favourite genre is dancehall music. My favourite songs, I have so many of them, but my songs are really my favourite because I made them up from being inspired.


When people hear the name MON CHERIE, what's the one thing that you want to come to their mind?

When people hear MonCherie the first thing that should come to their mind is “Confidence.”

By: Sharlisa Peterson


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