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Introducing Chrycee! - St Lucian Sensation - Recording Artiste, Performer and Songwriter

“Music is ingrained in me, the deepest expression of my soul. Soar with me on my musical journey, groove to the melodies, hum the harmonies, let Chrycee Musique pulsate within. Take a listen HERE!”

– Chrycee


Unique! Passionate! Real! The Melodious, heartfelt sounds of Chrycee Musique pulsates through every crevice of one’s being, touching the heart and soul. Taking you to new heights, soothing you into sheer bliss! That is the epitome of Chrycee Musique!

Hailing from the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, Chrycee is a talented, soulful singer/songwriter, recording artiste and performer, with an undeniable passion for music. Growing up with a DJ father, Chrycee was constantly exposed to music of all genres. From as way back as a tot—makeshift mic in hand!—she’d imitate the melodious voices of internationally acclaimed artists, glimpsing to and developing her obvious talent.

Years later, Chrycee is bringing her unique flavour to the music industry as she writes and sings about life and love, capturing in her soulful and melodic compositions everyday life experiences. Passionate and motivated, Chrycee is a firm believer in the beauty of dreams and that anything is achievable once you set your mind to it and give your all.

Chrycee lives by two mantras: Determination and Perseverance and Little by Little One Walks Far. Those mantras in mind, in July 2013 Chrycee took another bold step in her music career and formally registered her independent business Chrycee Musique. An enterprise she is determined to grow in the coming years.

Last Friday Chrycee officially released a sensational music video for her lovers rock reggae track, Heavenly! Heavenly music video has certainly been creating a buzz, with over 3000 views in just about four days!

Meanwhile you can also link up with Chrycee via:

Follow Chrycee on twitter: @chrycee

Follow Chrycee on instagram: @chryceemusique

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