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The Caribbean Glamorizes Bingo

The promise of a Caribbean vacation is among the most convincing proposals man has ever invented. With lush, sun-kissed beaches and pristine waters, beautiful people and delectable food, the Caribbean remains to be one of the most popular tourist places in the world.

Statistics from the Caribbean Tourism Organization show that the region continues to enjoy a great increase in the number of tourists arriving via cruise ships, with some areas like Martinique experiencing as much as a 62.4% increase within a year. The Caribbean’s status as a premier tourism spot and cruise destination has allowed it to help the growth of the classic game of bingo.


Free Bingo Hunter, a website dedicated to cataloguing the latest promotions in the online bingo industry, has found that many online bingo portals continue to offer Caribbean cruises in their jackpot schemes, and this has proven to be a popular and sought-after prize. It’s so popular, in fact, that the Bingo Bugle, the world’s largest bingo publication, has held its World Championship Bingo Tournament on board a cruise headed for the exotic Eastern Caribbean for years. It’s said to be “pure luxury”, with some people who have gone on the Bingo Bugle cruise saying that, “There’s the casino and the live shows, the live music all around the ship, the pools— even sitting down for a game of cards is extra fun on a cruise ship.”

In fact, even regular cruises have taken to allowing their passengers to play rounds of bingo while out at sea. The Royal Caribbean International Cruise, one of the most well-known cruise liners in the world, also makes sure to include some nights of themed bingo while on their ships. Exciting prizes like spa treatments, shopping vouchers, and even free cruises are given away on these games.

Trips to the exotic Caribbean continue to attract people from all over the globe, and it’s no surprise that bingo players are also getting on cruise ships to play rounds of their favorite game and see the beautiful blue skies and crystalline waters of the Caribbean.

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