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Rita Marley Launches New Holiday Cookbook

Rita Marley has launched a new cookbook of her favorite Marley recipes that are perfect for the holidays. The book dubbed Harambe For The Holidays: Vibrant Holiday Cooking with Rita Marley contains soulful meals, simple snacks, festive drinks and vibrant desserts.

Some of the recipes in Harambe for the Holidays use the Herb for the Healing of the Nation. There's a step-by-step guide for creating "Green Oil" that you can use in the specially marked recipes in this book.

She also uses Green Oil in your favourite holiday recipes! From homemade hot cocoas and sorrel drinks to coconut cut cake and gingerbread truffles to a full Ethiopian holiday feast, Harambe for the Holidays is filled with inspiration to create delightful and healthy meals and treats for all of your holiday parties and gatherings.

sorell drink.JPG

Sorrel recipe from the Harambe for the Holidays

The book is available for purchase on

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