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Ziggy and Stephen Marley to be Featured in John Varvatos Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign

Ziggy and Stephen Marley will be featured in Fashion Designer John Varvatos Spring 2015 advertising campaign. The legendary black and white imagery was shot in Austin, Texas by distinguished rock photographer Danny Clinch. Dressed in John Varvatos tailored clothing, the Marley Brothers were photographed for a timeless family portrait.

John Varvatos spoke about his decision to hire the Marley’s

"The Marley family is legendary. Ziggy Marley and Stephen Marley are carrying on this legacy in their own authentic way. Working with them has been incredibly inspiring. They are truly a magical family"


The John Varvatos Spring 2015 ad campaign marks another milestone in the brothers’ careers. “It’s always better when I’m able to do projects with my younger brother,” Ziggy explains. “I don’t dress up very often, but when I do, I wear John Varvatos.” Stephen Marley adds, “From the jungle to the palace, John is a lion!”

Also, documentary-style short film conceived by YARD and directed by Clinch will debut on on February 5th in celebrations of their father’s 70th birthday, which is the following day. “There is a spirit of freedom and rebelliousness in Marley’s music. Ziggy and Stephen carry on these traditions with great pride. Whether dressed up or dressed down, it doesn’t matter, their sense of self and style is legendary just like their father and this comes across in the short film,” says Danny Clinch.


In the brand’s Spring 2015 campaign, Ziggy Marley wears a black crocodile jacquard two-button peak lapel Jake tuxedo, black linen henley, and black Ricards dress shoe. Stephen Marley wears a black one button peak lapel Austin tuxedo, grey classic fit dress shirt, black silk tie, and black Richard cap-toe dress shoe.

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