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Brooklyn, NY - 2 Musical Powerhouses on 1 Night 1 Stage, Capleton and Mavado "Dancehall Rising" Conc

Considered by many as 2 of the biggest names in dancehall and reggae music, Mavado and Capleton are undoubtedly a force to be reckoned. Billboard chart topping artist Mavado known for such hits as "Settle Down", "On the Rock", "So Blessed", "So Special", "Don't Worry", "House Top", "Gyal A Mad Ova", "Dem Alone", "​A So You Move ​", "Hope & Pray​", "​Dying​", "Money​" and “Real McKoy" used as the theme song for the fourth Grand Theft Auto trailer, is joined on Friday, April 10th, 2015 by international reggae star Capleton the "fyah man". While Capleton is known worldwide for his energetic performances, the reggae artist also boasts an arsenal of many hits such as "Jah Jah City", "Tour", Raggy Road", "That Day Will Come", "In Her Heart", "Dis the Trinity", "Some Day",​"​Good Inna Her ​C​lothes​"​, "Who Dem", "​Number 1 Pon The Look Good Chart​"​ and "​I Love The Way​". A night that will be talked about for years to come, 2 Musical Powerhouses on 1 Night 1 Stage, Capleton and Mavado "Dancehall Rising". Get your tickets early before they are sold out!!! KINGS THEATRE in Brooklyn, NY on Friday, April 10th 2015. CAPLETON & MAVADO (LIVE) FRI. APRIL 10, 2015 Venue: KINGS THEATRE 1027 Flatbush Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11236 DOORS OPEN: 8:00PM - SHOWTIME: 9:00PM INFO: 718-282-8041 Purchase TICKETS at:

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