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Mexico's Stephanie Sigman Cast as new "Bond Girl" in new 007 film Spectre

Mexican actress Stephanie Sigman will be the new “Bond Girl”, Estrella, when she appears in 007’s upcoming movie Spectre. She will star opposite Daniel Craig in the franchise’s 24th movie.

The film also stars double Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz as likely villain Franz Oberhauser and Dave Bautista as henchman Mr Hinx. Ralph Fiennes plays the new M, with Naomie Harris and Ben Whishaw returning as Moneypenny and Q.

Sigman, 27, has starred in the award-winning 2011 Mexican film Miss Bala, about a beauty pageant contestant involved with drug traffickers. Also, this summer she’ll star as drug kingpin Pablo Escobar’s mistress in the Netflix series Narcos.

Sigman is the second Mexican born female to star as James Bond’s love interest; Linda Christian was the first in the 1954 television adaptation of the Casino Royale.

Spectre' is due to open in US cinemas on November 6.

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