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Introducing Reggae Recording Duo "EYENITY"

EYENITY is a rastafarian duo, of Caribbean (Jamaican and Haitian) descent, who is on the grind to make it big in the music industry. Working out of Miami, Florida, the male/female duo is engulf in a musical marriage, combining their vocals on riddims fused between genres that are close knitted with their own cultures as well as ones they adopt, to create their sound.

The name "Eyenity" derive from the popular Rastafarian reference 'I and I' and means, 'I in you and you in me.' It solidify everything 'Eyenity' represent which is, love and acceptance of self no matter the race and colour of skin. Their mission is to uplift, comfort and inspire people of colour through music. "Our ultimate goal is to make a global impact, uplifting and giving life to those who need it through music. We want to move an entire race in a positive, thought provoking way." Empress Gina, of the group said.

Jah Marcus is electrifying when he hits the stage. He's a self taught singer, guitarist,

drummer and base player. He also taught himself how to produce and engineer. Eyenity is dedicated to pushing the envelope of self reliance and independence for a brighter future. In fact, the duo released their début album Self Reliance August 2014, demonstrating their own capabilities, resources and independence in the making and compilation of all 11 tracks on the album.

Inspired by the great Bob Marley and American hip hop group the Fugees, EYENITY's musical recordings include elements of hip hop, soul, Caribbean and other music genres, particularly reggae. They have played across South Florida's Caribbean community over and over, bringing to their audience, an intoxicating and positive energy. As Jah Marcus continue to hone his skills, his creative efforts are distinct. The idea of synchronizing lyrical themes rhythmically with other genres as demonstrated on "Desperado" the first single off the album is notable, and they hope music fans will experience more of them as they learn to appreciate their work.

EYENITY is looking to excel "beyond anyone's wildest dreams", in this very competitive music world. The duo is very optimistic about the future will be doing all that is possible to make their dream a reality.

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