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Reggae superstar Duane Stephenson to perform at the 2015 White Sands event in St. Kitts

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts - JAMAICAN Reggae superstar Duane Stephenson and six beautiful young ladies were announced as the main entertainment package at the 2015 White Sands event slated for June 28 at Carambola Beach Club.

The announcement was made last Friday evening (May 15) at a launching ceremony held at the Carambola Beach Club in the presence of event’s sponsors, media representatives and a number of members of the general public.

The evening then saw the introduction of six beautiful young ladies who are set to grace the stage in this year’s Miss White Sands Swimsuit Competition.

The bevy of beauties varies from university students to an immigration officer.

The contestants are Sidama Jones, Eusha Johnson, Rickeilia Doras, Shalloyda Hewlett, Cherrisa Maynard and Kaley Franklin.

White Sands Committee member Daislyn Sharpe indicated to the audience the changes that would be made for this year's event dubbed ‘White Sands Luau’.

"This year’s White Sands has taken the party and started it on the Thursday evening because at the St. Kitts Music Festival the White Sands Lounge would be open. It is all inclusive in well-appointed space, VIP entrance and an excellent view to the stage and event. Then after Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we take you to White Sands Luau."

Sharpe then identified what are some of the entertainment packages for this year’s event.

"There will be an increased number of bars well-appointed service area lounge. The entertainment line up for White Sands includes TNO Sounds, Jazzy T from Renaissance Sounds, Infamus, Duane Stephenson from Jamaica and a surprise guest artiste who was not named.

"This year White Sands will offer a park and ride service. No need to worry about the cumbersome parking details, just park on the lawn at Frigate Bay and we will have bussed over to the venue."

The event, which is the official ‘Cool Down Party’ of the St. Kitts Music Festival and endorsed by the Tourism Ministry, is sponsored by LIME and Carib Brewery, among others.

The evening also featured a mini fashion show with designs from Kiwi Dan Couture and Lulu's closet.


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