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10 Caribbean Women in Entertainment- Why We Love Them

Below are top Caribbean women or women with Caribbean roots who we simple adore for one reason or another. These women are also on the rise and are destined for greatness.



Move over Rih-Rih because MonCherie is coming and ‘she nuh easy’! Straight from St. Lucia there is a Caribbean pop princess and a movement so strong it’s making you want to shake your BILLY BILLY BOOM BOOM, everywhere [even in the rodeo].

She is now hosting across award shows and the hot topic of every Caribbean and Urban newspaper/blog or magazine and working hard in the studios of Brooklyn, New York by night. Sweet like her mentor Cecile and a serious delivery that keeps us memorized like her idol LADY SAW, expect Mon Cherie to demolish this year. Raaaaaaeeeeee!

Adrienne Bailon/ Tamera Mowry … THE MOST POPULAR CLIQUE

What happens when your favorite girls from some of the BEST girl groups known to hit the tube, paired up with three most of the hottest girls [in their own respect] with 5 refreshingly different views –and attitudes? ONLY THE BEST CLIQUE, LIKE, EVER! Nuyorican and Ecuadorian singer/actress (formerly from like likes of 3LW, Empire girls and The Cheetah Girls) Adrienne Bailon & everyone’s favorite ‘party sister’ Tamera Mowry (of the epic 90’s sitcom “Sister, Sister”) serves sexy, sassy and sisterhood like never before on the #1 Daytime Talk show “THE REAL”.

The Bahamian-American Actress [MOWRY] and now talk show host symbolizes a refreshing and ‘Honest Abe’ views of life in these very fast and secular times, who promotes a relationship with God, interactive motherhood and amazing wife.

Meanwhile, Senorita Bailon gives you SU VIDA (your life), with her ‘Empire State of Mind’ attitude infused with her LATINA vernacular and gestures (not to mention BODY for the gods!) besides a new, chart topping talk show, the TWO out of the FIVE phenomenal women (with Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Tamar Braxton) Bailion and Mowry welcome a new engagement and child, a girl, #2! Congrats and thank you for reminding us that- THIS is our TIME!


All hail the lyrical Queen pon di SCENE! Grace Hamilton (better known as) SPICE, [if for nothing more than because she makes every tune she hits HOT] since she graced the scene with her witty lyrics, infectious charisma and style. The world fell in LOVE with her at the ROMPING SHOP.

We learned how ‘she ah like it’. And as she is killing the charts and the reigning artist on last years’ REGGAE GOLD 2014 she is pulling it up again, lyrically romping with Vybz Kartel on her latest single CONJUGAL VISIT.


Despite what seemed to be a lackluster decision (to say the least) on the former Miss Jamaica’s fate; Miss Kaci Fennell has showed us the true meaning of beauty outside and within. Fans and supporters of all of life forms, from the smallest little girl in the Caribbean to THE Mr. Donald Trump joined (plus millions more across the world) expressed their disappointment on what seemed to be a universal lost however, Miss Jamaica achieved grater award by winning all of our heaters an affections.

Zoe Saldana … THE BEST SMILE

Saldana could at one time in her life be described as a ‘Diamond in the Ruff’. The Dominican, Puerto Rican and Lebanese trained ballerina and mega superstar crossover actress grew up in less than RICH but more than WEALTHY childhood.

After a tragic car accident took the life of her father, she returned to Dominican Republic with her mother and two sisters [from New Jersey] to practically be reborn. A fish out of water emerged in such a bright light showcasing a developing talents such as: Classical Ballet, Acting and writing.

Cut to about 15 years later, there is absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind that the AVATAR and COLUMBIANA (amongst over more 10 years of back to back box offices smashes) she is now RICH but, even more wealthy with a FINE husband and, a pair of twin boys to BOOT! Zoe truly holds the best Smile award alongside, the best reasons why!


From love and heartbreak, to incomparable bars and FLAWLESS Empire, this made in Trinidad and grown in Queens [New York City], reigning musical QUEEN has laid down the epitome of the blueprint of a REAL woman’s life journey – just in Pink!

All races, genders and ages can has been moved all over the world can relate to the lyrics of Minajs’ PINK PRINT album. The beats, the emotion, the features [from the likes of Lil Wayne, Drake and what Nicki described as her favorite, KING BEY and rumored beau; MEEK MILL] have the world raving about not another “FEMALE RAPPER” but, one of the BEST rappers, businesswomen and influential people of all times in the music industry, she reminds us her ‘BARBZ’ and/or ‘BABYGIRLZ’ that you CAN’T KEEP A GOOD WOMAN DOWN.


Mona Scott Young

Hate her, or LOVE her you can’t stop talking about her racing productions and up her ratings every Monday night by watching (say it with us kids…) LOVE and HIP HOP – anywhere! Known as the “MOTHER OF RACHET TELEVISION” and, some even refer to her as the ‘DEVIL’; this Haitian-American media Mogul doesn’t let the negativity break her stride.

Young’s character and intent is backed by the likes of her employees, the cast mates of her worldwide rated reality shows, such as accomplished artist manger, business shark and star of NEW YORK, Yandi Smith. Mon Amie productions definitely has you shaking your heads, laughing, praying, cussing and HOOKED – at the same, damn time!

Diva Nikki Z … MOST RATED

She’s a diva; best believe she is one … THE MOST RATED on this list. Let’s start with the fact she is dubbed the ‘Diva of the Dancehall’ (& she’s not even an artist)


Yes, Angela Yee in a Caribbean Celebrity Honor Roll List! How comes? The Brooklyn born, bi-racial yet, internationally loved radio personality is Half – Asian and Half … (get ready….) Montserratian.

This Wesleyan University graduate got her first big break working on Sirius Satellite Radio on the Eminem station and since then has blessed us with interviews that we LIVE for by asking the hardest questions to the biggest celebrities about the most stickiest subject. No need to only ask RIH RIH; Yee, has and still continues to prove that #caribbeangyalrunit from T.V shows to Managing artists – and her most recognizable media endeavor the BREAKFAST CLUB on power 105.1 along with her radio ‘Brothers’ Charlemagne tha GOD and Dj Envy to of NYC and admired around the world.


This list would not be complete without our busy body Co-editor in Chief of Caribbean Entertainment Magazine! STARLISA is a media force to be reckoned with representing the Dutch and Spanish Caribbean; while looking virtually flawless.

Known for many things such as her phenomenal personality to producing skills to her unique look and shark like journalistic proficiency; she is the definitely one to not only watch out for but, keep watching.

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