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KitchenAid Reinvents the Blender with Caribbean Launch of the Magnetic Drive Blender

With the arrival of the Magnetic Drive Blender to Trinidad and Tobago, KitchenAid®, the leading manufacturer of kitchen products, is reinventing the blender category, transforming not only the way people blend, but how they live.

The blender uses US patent pending technology, including a revolutionary magnetic drive system whose powerful magnets replace the traditional coupler, offering more durability and a longer-product life. It also offers an integrated design that allows the pitcher to slide in and remain secure while in use, even if unattended. The blender uses pre-set, hands-free programs for juices, soups and sauces, smoothies and frozen drinks, eliminating the need to constantly monitor the blender.

"Trinidad and Tobago’s strong food culture prompted us to choose the region as one of the first places we are launching the KitchenAid® Magnetic Drive Blender," said Ana García, Managing Director of KitchenAid® for Latin America and Caribbean. “We are targeting consumers who want the latest technology; are passionate about their health, food and family; and demand the support and product quality KitchenAid® offers.”

The blender’s new magnetic coupler connects the motor to the pitcher to drive the blades, allowing for a completely flat base and front-load design for ease of use and cleaning. With the innovative magnetic system, the pitcher is easily secured on the base, avoiding spills. Its modern and compact design allows it to fit perfectly into most kitchen spaces so that it is always handy and ready for the next cooking task.

“In nearly 100 years of existence, blenders have not changed significantly in design or operation in order to better suit the needs of modern consumers,” said García. “The KitchenAid® Magnetic Drive Blender responds to new demands by putting a revolutionary and powerful way to blend in consumers’ hands, changing their lives.”

An ingredient hub located in the top of the blender’s housing allows the user to keep adding ingredients while blending and also serves as a measuring cup with markings. This feature eliminates the risk of splashes and spills, helping keep the kitchen clean at all times.

With variable speed controls and a pulse function, the Magnetic Drive Blender allows you to create recipes ranging from smoothies to full meals without complications in the kitchen. These smart programs adjust the speed, power and duration of the blending, while turning the blender off automatically once the recipe is ready. Furthermore, the blender has a 1.8 horsepower engine, which, along with its Diamond Blending System featuring a diamond-shaped pitcher, creates a powerful vortex that allows you to prepare recipes ranging from peanut butter to frozen drinks.

The Magnetic Drive Blender is perfect for those who have changed or wish to change their lifestyle for a healthier one. It is an exceptionally easy-to-use product that empowers men and women who love cooking, healthy eating, and sports and fitness. The new blender will be available in Trinidad and Tobago starting today with a warranty of seven years and a recipe book specially designed to change your way of life by transforming the way you blend.


About KitchenAid® Latin America

KitchenAid® was built on the legacy of two icons—its legendary mixer launched in 1919 and the first dishwasher in 1949—to create a complete line of kitchen products. The KitchenAid® brand offers everything needed for a well-equipped kitchen. Its collection features products ranging from kitchen utensils to small appliances and including a wide range of ovens, blenders, mixers, and coffeemakers.

KitchenAid® products can be found in 76 countries around the world, including in Latin America, with offices in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and the Dominican Republic.

To learn why chefs choose KitchenAid® for their homes more than any other brand*, visit or follow our pages on Instagram and Facebook .

* Based on a survey conducted in 2012, in which KitchenAid® was identified as the most preferred kitchen product brand by members of the International Association of Culinary Professionals.

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