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Who will be crowned the Caribbean Queen of the UK

The Grand Finale of the Miss Caribbean UK Beauty Pageant will be held on Saturday 5th December at the prestigious Shaw Theatre on the Euston Road.

Along with the crown the winner will receive £1,500 in prize money, the chance to visit the Caribbean country they represent, and a £1,000 designer evening gown, along with many more prizes.

With its logo ‘Positively Promoting the Caribbean’ the event aims to raise awareness of issues relating to the Caribbean people in the UK and the wider Diaspora by inspiring, informing and uniting both those taking part and the UK audience.

Miss Caribbean UK adds to the richness in diversity offered in the UK, as it attracts Caribbeans and non-Caribbeans alike, keen to enjoy the tropical mix of colour, fashion, dance, gastronomy, music, culture and edutainment.

A spectacular line-up of judges consists of:

  • Rachel Christie (model and star of the revived ITV series Love Island)

  • Shaun Wallace (from The Chase)

  • Annaliese Dayes (America’s Next Top Model)


  • Carol Howard (EX Met Police Firearms officer)

  • Aaron Fontaine (Aaron Fontaine is an actor and writer, known for Hollyoaks (1995)

  • Pily Mirazi (Founder and CEO of South African Fashion & Culture Week (SAFACW),

  • Chef Jason Howard (a Modern Caribbean chef)

Meet the Contestants

NAME: Lateeshia Anderson AGE: 25 HERITAGE: Jamaica / Chinese

NAME: Louisa Gordon AGE: 19 HERITAGE: Jamaica / Antigua

NAME: Tehia Rae McDermott AGE: 19 HERITAGE: Antigua / Jamaica / Barbados

NAME: Yinka Williams AGE: 26 HERITAGE: St Vincent / Antigua

NAME: Venisha Hamilton AGE: 22 HERITAGE: Jamaica / Barbados

NAME: Chauntelle Sorhaindo AGE: 30 HERITAGE: Dominica

NAME: Cassandra Wiggan AGE: 25 HERITAGE: Jamaica

NAME: Amy Harris-Willock AGE: 28 HERITAGE: Antigua

NAME: Rochelle Barrett AGE: 27 HERITAGE: Jamaica / Barbados

NAME: Tammy Jeffers-Wells AGE: 28 HERITAGE: Antigua

NAME: Natina-Mae Whitter AGE: 29 HERITAGE: Jamaica

NAME: Selina Chippy AGE: 29 HERITAGE: Jamaica

NAME: Shiquerra Mckie AGE: 20 HERITAGE: Jamaica /St. Vincent

NAME: Alisha Eversley - John AGE: 21 HERITAGE: Barbados / Guyana

NAME: Alisha Pomells AGE: 22 HERITAGE: Jamaica / Grenada

NAME: Neesha Robinson AGE: 23 HERITAGE: Jamaica

NAME: Nicole Renwick AGE: 25 HERITAGE: Trinidad and Tobago/ Jamaica

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