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Chellavich Scores Big With IFE TOP 10 Voting Programme

Christopher “Chellavich” Anthony Lee, having recently won the international IFE (Island Fuse Entertainment) TOP 10 Voting

Programme, is experiencing a major turnaround in his career, with high-profile TV, radio and press features. His first prime-time feature was on TVJ’s Intense, hosted by Ashley, Talia and Sanjay.

(FROM RIGHT) Talia, Chellavich and Ashley

Working as a tailor in Portmore, Chellavich spent most of his days listening to music from his favourite artiste - Bounty Killer. He too aspired to be a hardcore lyricist, and spent his spare time honing his craft. Chellavich later released a couple singles independently such

as “Say She Want”, and made multiple appearances at local stage shows, charity events and parties. In 2015 Chellavich caught the attention of CEOs at the True Legends Music Group, Pablo Murray and Rohan Calvin, who immediately signed him.

Working with True Legends Music Group, Chellavich has amassed an impressive collection of hot singles, for which they were seeking the means to promote. By chance they entered the IFE up-coming artist voting programme with an earlier single release entitled “Bounce Like A Ball”, featured alongside Razor B and other local artistes on the

Sleepover Riddim. The heated competition was very close against other hopefuls such as Milli Chab of Hungary, yet Chellavich won with 33% votes.

Along with a feature on the IFE TOP 10 Charts (5th position), another prize was to receive free publicity services, for which Chellavich has been receiving high-profile features. Still in campaign mode Chellavich stated:

“The IFE Charts programme took me from 0 to 90 in terms of making me get TV, press, radio interviews and airplay overseas. Being part of the IFE Chart programme was the best move I made for 2016 because of that 2017 is looking bright”.

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