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Jamaican DJ Flippa Mafia Indicted for Allegedly Attacking Prison Guard

Incarcerated Jamaican dancehall DJ Flippa Mafia, real name Andrew David, was indicted last week for allegedly assaulting a corrections officer.

Davis, 38, is serving a 25-year sentence in South Woods State Prison for charges of cocaine distribution, money laundering and conspiracy.

He allegedly assaulted corrections officer Victor Tapia on July 26 in the medium-security section of the prison around 8 p.m. on July 26 by punching the officer.

A Cumberland County Grand Jury indicted Davis on January 11 for a charge of aggravated assault against a corrections officer.

Tapia has since returned back to work, according to the New Jersey Department of Corrections.

Davis was convicted in 2015 and sentenced to 25 years in prison on June 3, 2016. In addition to the sentence, he was ordered to pay $250,000 for an anti-money laundering profiteering penalty.

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