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Soca Sensation Fay-Ann Lyons Makes VP Records Debut with "Break The World" Album

Carrying on her family's famed musical legacy, Trinidadian-based singer and songwriter Fay Ann Lyons begins a new chapter with the launch of her VP Records debut "Break The World" available worldwide on March 3rd. The album is a cumulative body of work that brings together 15 years of original songwriting, versatile vocal range, and genre-defying production. The album features production work by the likes of Richie Beretta, Stadic Sound Productions, Keron “Sheriff Mumbles” Thomas, Dwain Antrobus, Kevin Marshall, and Draien Bailey. Break The World bridges Fay Ann’s roots in traditional soca music with five brand new songs that fuse diverse global sounds, all seamlessly brought together by Lyon’s songwriting ability. The songs and sounds of the album hop across continents and genres as it unfolds. Opening the album is the title track, “Break The World,” a pop-leaning, girl power anthem over infectious synths. Ghana meets Trinidad on “Block De Road,” the Afro-Soca jam which features guest vocals from Stonebwoy. “Raze” starts out with delicate vocals over buzzing synths, and gives way to pulsing Caribbean drum rhythms. On “Catch Me,” Fay Ann’s Groovy Soca Monarch and Carnival Road March Winning hit from 2014, we hear her most pop-leaning efforts. 2017 Pre-Carnival features include lead single "Air Supply" and her latest hit "Girls" which is bubbling on Trinidad radio already. "It's been a long time coming, this album embodies everything that I am as an artist, a mother, a wife. It incorporates my family, my travels, my world. Do not put me in a box, I am here to break stereotypes, I am here to break the world!" Trinidad Carnival, known as the biggest street party on Earth is where Fay-Ann will officially debut selected singles from the album in live performances. "Break The World" will be released March, 3rd from VP Records.


"BREAK THE WORLD" TRACK LISTING 1. Hold Onto Something 2. More Then Dem 3. Girls 4. Buff feat Buffy 5. High Heels 6. Everybody Joli feat Bunji Garlin & Joli Rouge Sound 7. Air Supply 8. Raze 9. Block The Road feat Stonebwoy 10. Catch Me 11. Break The World 12. Drift 13. H.I.T.A (Hands In The Air) 14. Done The Party 15. Doh Hold Meh 16. Keep Some



Born November 5th, 1980 in the town of Point Fortin, Trinidad, Fay Ann is the second generation of a Caribbean music dynasty. She was born to Lynette Steele and Austin Lyons, better known by their stage names “Lady Gypsy” and “Superblue,” respectively. Raised primarily by her mother, Fay Ann was immersed in the island’s musical scene from an early age. She spent many nights hanging out backstage at the Calypso tents during the annual Carnival season, and was often babysat by other artists while her mother performed. Superblue, a seven-time winning Soca Monarch, was often the featured artist at concerts during the pre-Lenten festival of music, culture and reverie. Carnival proved to be the time of year that Fay Ann saw her father the most. It was his energetic “jump-and-wave style performances that had the strongest influence on Fay Ann, and ultimately influenced her decision to join the soca music industry.

At the age of 21, Fay Ann made her first foray into music as the front woman of the band Invazion. From the very beginning of her career, Fay Ann always sought to carve out her own lane with attention-grabbing hits like “It’s My Turn Now” and “Focus.” Fay Ann quickly began to realize her capabilities as more than a singer, and in 2003 she wrote “Display.” Fay Ann won the first of her many Carnival Road March titles for “Display.” As well, she received accolades as the New Songwriter and Female Songwriter of 2003 from the Copyright Organization of Trinidad and Tobago.

Following her breakthrough year in 2003, Fay Ann returned to Trinidad’s annual Carnival competitions scene for back-to-back years in 2008 and 2009. The latter year proved to be a record breaking one for Fay Ann. Riding the dual waves of the Groovy and Power hits “Heavy T Bumpa” and “Meet Superblue,” Fay Ann—at 9-months pregnant—performed in both competitions and won. This was the first and only time that a female cinched the Groovy Soca Monarch, Power Soca Monarch, as well as the People’s Choice Award. “Being pregnant, gaining weight and going on stage and performing was a testament to the fact that ppl like to listen to me as much as they like to look at me," says Fay Ann. “My performances weren't as hyped as I would've had before. I was able to get the same response from the crowd by just using my voice than just my body. True fans are worth all of the accolades you give them.” Fay Ann and her husband Antonio Alvarez, a frequent collaborator and fellow Soca artist who performs under the name Bunji Garlin, welcomed their daughter, Syri, one week after Fay Ann’s landmark win.

After winning five Carnival Road March and Soca Monarch titles, and numerous songwriting accolades, Fay Ann is finally ready to release her first full-length EP. Fay Ann considers the album a sort of forward thinking retrospective. “I decided to mix Break The World with songs from the past, present and future,” says Fay Ann. “There's no vibe that I wanted to convey. Because I write every single thing that I sing, it was just a matter of picking what vibe I was in in that moment, and bringing them all together. It's all Fay Ann.” While Fay Ann has been a household name in the Caribbean music market, she is ready to make her mark on the world scale. Break The World—with its globe-trotting sound—is just the album to take her there.

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