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Jamaican-born New York based designer Glenroy March and House of D’Marsh Premiered Their Fall 2017 C

The House of D’Marsh presented its Fall 2017 collection recently at the midtown location of Coco Mat during New York Fashion Week (NYFW). Patrons attending the runway show of the Jamaican-born New York based designer Glenroy March and House of D’Marsh were thrilled with the fantasy ball that was presented.

March opened the show with the “Belle of the Ball” getting dressed for her first ball, assisted by “Men-In-Waiting.” Inspired by characters from popular fairy tale favorites, the exquisite collection was strikingly tailored with careful attention to detail and precision. The dresses in this collection are all inspired by characters from popular fairy tale favorites Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.

To view the full collection, visit En Blanc Couture NYC at 1190 Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn or

House of D’Marsh had its genesis in spring 2003 when designer Glenroy March launched his spring collection during Caribbean Fashion Week in Jamaica’s capital city, Kingston. This start gave rise to the pursuit of a passion by a talented Jamaican who would later go on to stun audiences not just locally but internationally. With an eye for detail and perfection, the New York based March, honed his design skills at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts, obtaining practical experience while working in the costume department. With a constant pulse on trends and new innovation combination, House of D’Marsh, seeks to marry sophistication with fashion-forward sensibility. The House of D’Marsh has received numerous editorials in a variety of local and international fashion and consumer magazines.



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