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Interview: Singer and Actress Karian Sang Talks About Latest Single "123" and More!

Karian Sang is an R&B/Dancehall/Hip-Hop artist from Kingston, Jamaica, who started singing at a young age. She has won numerous WRCMA Awards & performed all over the world in countries such as Switzerland, Mexico, and Canada.

Her first single “So Insane” was added to Top 40 radio stations across Canada. In 2010, her second single “Ma Jam” was also added to radio and TV (Much Music/Much Vibe) and has since released 3 mixed tapes.

Her collaboration with Mavado called "Take It" by being the first song from artists of the Caribbean to be premiered on Billboard & nominated for video of the year at the M.O.B Awards.

In 2014, the singer added actress to her resume when she was the lead actress in the film "Destiny" playing the role of "Lisa Pullen", which also stars Christopher Martin.

Karian is scheduled to release a new album in 2017.

Read our Q & A with the talented Karian.........................................

When and how did you initially become interested in singing?

Jamaicans usually gather during a party and people jump on the mic and my uncles told me to sing.

How would you describe your singing style?


Tell us about your latest single 123?

"123" is inspired by my love, Michael Jackson. I been wanting to do something that showed his influence in me.

Any plans for an album?

Yes! Due to people in this industry trying to block me it will be difficult, but I do have plans to release one for my assassins because they've been waiting,

You have collaborated with Mavado on Take It", is there an artist you are dying to work with?

There's a few like Justin Bieber, Cardi B, and Ludacris.

You are also an Actress, you played the lead role of Lisa Pullen in Destiny, how did that came about?

The director found me in the music video "Take It" with Mavado & starting looking me up more from then.

How was it working with Christopher Martin?

I love it! He's a very cool guy and made me feel really comfortable about my role. I was a bit scared at first about getting close to a guy on screen.

Do you have any foreseeable plans for the future?

Many! I plan to eventually involve myself more in foundations for kids & abused women if time allows it. I want to become a well-known songwriter, not just a ghostwriter. I want to do more family oriented shows & movies & of course put out my much anticipated album with the right promoting team.


Keep up with Karian Sang

Instagram: kariansang

Twitter: KarianSang

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