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Jamaica's Own Self Contained Roots, Rock Reggae Band EarthKry Announces SURVIVAL WINTER TOUR 201

Kingston, Jamaica (MPR Consulting) - After a stellar, roots, rock and reggae filled performance at the Wickie Wackie Music Festival, Jamaica's homegrown self contained band EarthKry have announced the anticipated dates for their SURVIVAL WINTER TOUR 2018. Keyboard player Phillip Mcfarlane, drummer Kieron Cunningham, bass guitarist Kamardo Blake and vocalist/guitarist Aldayne Haughton are following up their prosperous Survival journey which started on June 30th, with the release of their debut album "Survival". The latter translated in a successful tour which saw the band bring their authentic roots and culture message to America and Europe. As fans worldwide have clamored for more from the band, EarthKry will kick off the new year on their beloved island of Jamaica with a series of performance starting in Negril, and on February 3rd head to the states with the first stop on Cambridge, Massachusetts. EarthKry will carry on their legacy music throughout the states from coast to coast. We are excited to go back on the road. Recording music for prosperity is important, but to play live is a different feeling and a must. Especially for us as musician, that connection that we feel with those that come to see us, is unparalleled. Each touch of our instruments carries the roots rock and reggae through vibrations directly to them. We are conscious that our music connects with people as worldwide we all go through financial hardships, personal struggles, health issues, war crisis, abuse." - EarthKry


SURVIVAL WINTER TOUR 2018 Jan 20 - Kingston, JA Jan 22 - Negril, JA Jan 27 - Kingston, JA Jan 28 - National Gallery, JA Feb 3 - Cambridge, MA Feb 5 - Providence, RI Feb 9 - Rhode Island Feb 10 - Long Beach, NY Feb 13 - New Haven, CT Feb 17 - Savannah, GA Feb 18 -Miami, FL Feb 19 - Raleigh, NC Feb 22- Sanford, FL Feb 23 - Jacksonville, FL Mar 2 - Austin, TX Mar 8 - Salt Lake City, UT Mar 9 -Las Vegas, NV Mar 11 - Scottsdale, AZ Mar 14- San Diego, CA Mar 15 - Ventura, CA Mar 16 - Fullerton, CA March 17 - Modesto, CA Mar 18 - Riverside, CA Mar 21 - TBA More Dates to be Announced

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